Trump is NOT an "outsider" combating the biggest perceptual edge he possesses?

'Look at the bright side...your defeat means you can run next time as an 'outsider'.'
‘Look at the bright side…your defeat means you can run next time as an ‘outsider’.’

One of the most striking things about Trump and his numbers are the inside ones, ones that show the voters believe he’s the most OUTSIDER of the candidates.

Not Ted Cruz, who stands almost alone against the Establishment.

They perceive the celebrity cult figure of Trump as some sort of independent crusader against the system while the truth is he’s a crony capitalist who wants to use the White House to create a path for more business deals using the bully pulpit and other perks of power.

It’s obvious to us, but not to many, apparently.

What can we do to get them to see he’s an opportunist, not an outsider?

Good question!

I would begin by showing all his past dealings involving government helping him stick it to the little guy for his personal business gain. He did not in the E.D. case where he wanted to kick an old person off their land. He loves the Kelo ruling. He ran a fake Trump University scam to bilk people out of their money and dissolved it after multiple lawsuits.

Trump wants to use the power of his office to make a more friendly business climate for his future deals.

He’s posing as an outsider, and has been for months. 

He’s already cozying up to the GOPe and if elected, he’s going to botch SCOTUS picks like you cannot imagine…