How Rubio, Cruz, and even the others can dismantle Donald at the next debate...

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Too bad it’s not a Town Hall setting. The GOP failed to have at least ONE of those included prior to Iowa. Big mistake. That would have exposed him by now, he would have failed to answer in any depth.

The standard debates have helped Donald, despite his low I.Q.

He has a crowded stage so the fire cannot be concentrated. What the others need to do is use their time to gang up on him.

He cannot answer in detail, because he is clueless about specifics.

He botched the nuclear triad affair.

He can simply be repeatedly quizzed on how government works, with traps which he will fall into and fail.

He probably cannot describe any of the offices or departments or rules since he does not care to begin with.

He can be attacked as well on conservative bona fides. The method being to ask him to explain the Roe ruling, ask him what the Casey ruling is and when it happened, etc. He cannot do it, I betcha!

If he’s asked about things he does not care about, which are just about any conservative issue from guns to abortion, he will flounder. He is not a true believer, make it obvious that he’s pandering by asking him to describe key things about all those topics.

Once the public sees him fail to grasp critical basic stuff, he’s exposed as a lightweight empty suit with a big mouth.

Thus far, he’s been able to skate by on generalities, it’s time to force him to be very specific.