An open letter to all members of RedState please read this ASAP!

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If we do not help Cruz and Rubio by what I’m about to say, we can only blame ourselves.

We have ***all*** wrongly read the mood of the electorate and as a result, a totally ruthless unqualified person is standing at the gate of victory.

As we speak, a number of conservative figures, including the founder of this site, are finally uniting against Trump.

That’s a step in the right direction.

We need to do a lot more. We need fast endorsements of Cruz and Rubio by people like Levin heading into Iowa and if they can be flown in to campaign with them against the phony crony capitalist that would also be helpful.

We are going to have to gang up on Trump and drop nuclear weapons on his head without mercy or he will run the table.

We underestimated how powerful to an ignorant electorate with elements of extreme frustration thrown in, that a demagogue can be. Nobody assumed someone like this could get this far.

He did, and he did so not totally because the public is stupid, but because he correctly positioned himself to read the mood of the electorate better than even Cruz, Rubio, or any other candidate.

Facts do not matter in this cycle. Having the best presentation does not either, or Carly would be leading.

Whoever plays on emotion best wins. 

Whoever appeals with easiest to digest slogans, prevails.

Whoever talks at the lowest common denominator with proper repetition and stressing, wins.

That may be true all of the time, but it’s really true this time in an age of Twitter coupled with current headwind conditions that combine for a perfect storm. 

Cruz is too smart to win. Rubio too polished. They either change their whole approach or they will be defeated.

The result is the populace is accepting snake oil from a man like hypnotized zombies. He seems genuine, and that means most. Trump is giving a textbook clinic on how to run a campaign not by consultants, but by speaking to the great unwashed masses.

Gotta give credit where it is due, Trump is where he is due to his better campaigning with the cards all of them were dealt.

Replay the tape on the recent Stump speeches for Cruz, Rubio and Trump, the 3 leading candidates. What do you see?

Trump spent plenty of time attacking his RIVALS, the other two literally none. He will level to the ground anyone with the most spurious charges of mud, to win. And it works. The other guys are too dignified, and that’s part of why they are losing.

Here’s Ted who is misguided or is being given the wrong advice:

Cruz: Donald is getting really rattled. I mean, it’s amazing. At every event, instead of actually talking about what he wants to do for the country, he just kind of stands up there and attacks me.

[cut to clip of Trump] Trump: People do not like Ted, to put it mildly…

Cruz: I like Donald Trump, I’ll sing his praises…

Stephanopolous: You still like him?!

Cruz: Abso.. he is bold, he’s brash, he’s an amazing marketer. I mean, this man is an entertainer and marketer par excellence, and so I’m not going to attack him personally. Now, I will draw policy distinctions. I think that’s fair game in politics. But the personal insults, no matter how ugly he gets, I will not respond in kind.”

This strategy worked previously. Not anymore. Not when Donald’s negative ads and attacks ARE making Ted look like a Beta Male in trying to court a mob that wants a Roman Champion. They will see you as weak, and will flock to the stronger voice.

Cruz, I love you, gawd I love you but you are wrong here, dead wrong.

Trump must be attacked full force and be placed on the defensive, or he will roll to the nomination. The public needs to doubt his sincerity and see another Alpha Male stand up to the bully. Playing nice and arguing like a senator over wonky subjects will *NOT* work, Mr. Cruz.

Trump is trying to cast an image of Cruz as being an unpopular untrustworthy guy and he’s getting the media that follows his every word bomb with hundreds of repetitions of that WILL stick in the minds of voters SUBCONSCIOUSLY going forward.

Cruz simply does not grasp the concept that the primitiveness of the method is actually devilishly clever.

Trump also tried to get into the heads of the public by making them worry a liberal judge would toss Cruz out in October or invalidate his actions, to get them to reject him out of fear.

That shows a real killer instinct to do whatever it takes, no matter how shameless and below the belt.

He goes nuclear on anyone that’s a threat, and he does so without any limits and uses really low blow brow methods, and it’s working, so why not? Trump realizes he can control the dialogue and get his name into our heads, and that of the electorate, by constant bomb throwing. It helps he is a celebrity, but there is more too it than that.

His rambling is not hurting him, just the opposite. We are being schooled, not him.

In a YouTube video I posted about, Trump speaks to the audience in a way no modern candidate has done, which is part of why he’s winning. He speaks to the lowest visceral level and denominator. He uses repetition and word stress at sentence endings masterfully. That, in a cycle like this, matters more than all the policy details of Rubio or the analysis of an egghead Cruz.

Trump has mastered the Alpha Male bully gambit well, playing us all like so many chess pieces.

He deliberately tries to go for “diminishing the stature” of his rivals, cleverly. He does so not only in direct attacks that are personal, but also merely by constantly reminding everyone listening that he’s leading the polls by a mile.

The trouble with many of us, especially “Rich Lowry” types, smart nerdy conservatives who image the world is as intelligent as we are, is that the world is NOT. Policy wonks do not win against candidates like Trump in a cycle like this full of rage/emotion.

Trump speaks to the common man. He does so in simplistic terms with slogans that say everything in one short sentence “Make America Great Again” is for the Instagram Tweet Facebook generation. Kind of like Hope and Change.

Can any of you tell me what Cruz or Rubio’s campaign is about in a brief sentence that tells all? How about their positions?

Let’s hope a reporter does not ask them why they are running, like they did with Ted Kennedy where stumbled famously!

Did you notice how in the above video Kennedy gives a totally stereotypical empty answer that screams political cliches?

That is what this electorate rejects in spades.

Trump has taken a FEW utterly topical by reading the electorate this cycle-issues that resonate and messages them like a fiddle. He does not have details, that’s by design. That’s the case even on his website.

Jingoism is popular now in Europe, too. His xenophobic approach is tailor made for the migrant kerfuffles and our feckless immigration handlers in Washington on both sides of the aisle.

He is truly a master in the art of the deal.

He is a salesman, telling the gullible exactly what they want to hear, when they want it and how they do.  

No wonder he’s poised to win the farm.

All of the “conservative intellectuals” we can muster are like amateurs in grasping how to deal with him, and it’s useful to understand why. They simply cannot comprehend how people can be so indescribably dense to not see through this fraud.

The reason they can’t is that they are looking at the situation all wrong, from the viewpoint of a nerdy policy wonk fetishist.

Trump is winning because he is the guy who is getting his easy to understand message out there the best, and the most. A lot of that is due to the media, and there constant mentions of him is helping to cement the identity of the person the average Joe will subconsciously support due to simple psychology, but that’s not all there is to it. He’s pushing their buttons better, outright.

Some have gotten the message fast about Trump and his appeal, especially one writer who has been knocking it out of the park.

Visit Town Hall and read Derek Hunter’s 2 pieces here and here.

He states it best.

He would be as dangerous with a pen as Obama, maybe more so and his actions to merely undo EO’s he does not like is actually a misguided long term approach, as noted in the first link.

The second link details why he appeals to so many right now, and it’s spot on.

We have to help Cruz or even Rubio.

My top suggestion is to Caucus for Ted in Iowa even if you support Rubio for the actual nomination to blunt Donald’s momentum. We will not even have a choice to support either man if Trump runs the table early. Vote splitting is suicide, we have to avoid that by tactically voting now to preserve the future. 

I posted at length about that in my Open Letter to Rubio supporters.

You can do your part as follows:

1) Lobby any and all credible conservative authority to endorse against Trump and campaign with Cruz or Rubio in Iowa. That means getting Malkin, Pavlich, Levin, etc. to come out fast and clear with a willingness to stump live and expose Trump. After his bible gaffe, Trump needs to be opposed publicly by T. Perkins, who needs to endorse and campaign in Iowa with his rivals.

2) Write Op Eds in your local newspaper (especially if you live in Iowa) and expose Trump on his liberalism and contradictions.

3) Troll Megyn Kelly now before the final debate with possible questions to make Donald look liberal, pandering, and dangerous and inconsistent. One is why he joked about shooting somebody but would still lead all the polls. She hates him, we can use that to get her to help us bash Trump.

4) Send campaign tips to both Rubio and Cruz now as independent Opposition Research from the grassroots. Don’t assume their millions spent (think J. Bush) uncovers all the nuggets. Lots of things are bad about Donald that they are not yet using, either up to now in debates or in ads. For example, Trump supports Kelo and it’s interpretation of Eminent Domain and he once tried to force an elderly woman off her land for his personal business needs. He will use the office of president to affect that issue in a nefarious way. He also bilked lots of cash for phony degrees in his multiply sued Trump University scheme that’s now defunct. Any Google search turns up depressing past quotes of his that totally conflicts/contradicts  his later views. That must be exposed constantly.

5) Lobby Evangelicals in Iowa if you can and show them Trump is not to be trusted. We know they are the key to winning, as proven by Santorum and Huckabee. They might be drifting to the snake oil man by recent polling. Cruz and Rubio need to hit Trump hard on this over his fake Christianity and his “Corinthians” gaffe which shows he’s a panderer, not a believer. He also needs to be taken to task over his claims that a Trump administration would help religious types, by showing his past support for liberal extremism on abortion and other issues. He once even dallied with partial birth abortion advocacy.

Finally, like and recommend  this post! Tell Leon and others to promote it to the front page of Redstate to get the ball rolling!

To beat Trump, we not only have to “out-Trump” his positions (without doing it dumbly like suggesting we ban all Muslims in a way that cannot even be articulated logically) and to make him seem like a progressive plant, etc. untrustworthy, etc. and power mad at our expense, etc. We have to show he’s not sincere and that he’s unelectable in a general election setting, etc.

Cruz and Rubio must present themselves as better more conservative (with populist sounding themes) more trustworthy alternatives to Donald. They must cast doubt on his trustworthiness. They must gang up on Trump at the final debate, not each other and hold their fire for later. They must ask him specific questions like the nuke triad to make him look stupid on national television and the moderators can try this as well, hopefully. We need to try to do all we can to make this kind of thing happen.

It can be done.

But if we do not stop him early, which means ensuring he loses Iowa, we might all have to find jobs measuring curtains for the White House for The Donald.