Nobody I know is voting for Nixon...


Byron York has a piece up now relating houses with Trump signs that were on properties of people who never posted political signs before.

That’s disturbing for those of us opposing Trump, since it’s like with Obama in 2008-emotion is trumping, pun intended, logic and people are showing up or threatening to who are not usually keyed up to participate. When that happens, like with Obama, idiots show up in droves to vote in opportunistic faith healer phonies like no tomorrow. If that’s true here, we are in trouble.

Dan. M on RedState relates this and observes the famous 1972 quote where a clueless liberal sycophant who did not naturally know Nixon supporters because she surrounded herself in a bubble

Fair enough.

I don’t think the comparison holds, even for the Rich Lowry types of conservative intellectuals.

I think we all understand the tactics of and the rationale in the minds of the gullible, for Trump.

It’s really a perfect storm here, coupled with a narcissistic demagogue and a frustrated angry electorate looking for a champion savoir.

We all can see him coming, we just are perplexed at how to deal with him effectively…