Step back from the ledge guys, Cruz is not toast yet, do not panic, help and fight!

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Cruz, not Trump has the ground ops in Iowa.

Stop panicking!

One poll with a small size sample with another showing a 2 point lead for him is not hopeless yet.

You cannot believe every poll, an NO it’s NOT “denial” yet as one poster said here in another diary.

I agree Cruz must go nuclear now, and we need to send ideas to his campaign now to change his stump speech, among other things, going on the attack hard against Donald, but head up.

There is still time. A debate just before like Thursday or Friday remains for Cruz to hit Trump hard and pound him over his abuse of the woman with E.D., Trump University, the latest video posted today about him being Establishment friendly, the galaxy of conservative bloggers against him including the founder of this site!

If you live in Iowa, try to help get the vote out for Cruz. Even if you support Rubio, vote for Ted in Iowa to blunt the momentum for Donald, then we can have showdown between those two later, as I outlined here.

I intend to send all manner of suggestions for attack points that might help until election day. His campaign needs help, they are not messaging properly against Donald. He has to be totally destroyed at this point with all manner of “you cannot trust him” bullet points on key issues. His past actions are not in keeping with his claims, and it CAN be done and in time, but we have to act fast as that is running out and Ted is trying to be too measured in his own counter-mud slinging efforts. That can be fixed.

Keep your head up.

Let not you heart be troubled…