Trent Lott and Bob Dole basically effectively endorse Trump!


Rich Lowry is saying neither Cruz nor Trump is GOPe.

They just “fight the man” in different ways.

Can one judge a person by the company they keep or even attract?

If so, then Trump, as Palin claimed for Obama in “palling around” with radicals during the 2008 campaign, is knee deep in old Establishment flunkies.

The two are now making noise in news circles which suggests while not directly endorsing him directly, that Trump would be a better risk than Cruz.

They realize they cannot control Cruz, the true conservative. They know Trump will not even try to build a wall, he’s an unprincipled liar just like them. IOW, he’s someone they could get used to working with if they cannot have their exact pick.

Should anyone be surprised that the GOPe prefers the Devil they don’t know over the one they do?