Top 2 shady business deals by Donald?


The biggest irony of Trump is how many of his supporters are expecting him to stand up to the broken system, when it reality, he’s a crony capitalist who wants the top job for the bully pulpit and Executive orders and SCOTUS picks to MASSAGE the system in order to make him even RICHER. He’s running and doing anything needed on a transitory basis to win, for GREED.

If he thought he could win as a Democrat he would be running as one. If he thought he could win by cross-dressing, he might!

Case in point #1:

Trump supported the Kelo ruling, and  loves hard line super Eminent Domain.

He strong armed an elderly female to take her property which he needed to remove from obstruction to his business plans. He did not care about “the little guy” then, did he?

Case in point #2:

Trump University, a Don Lapre worthy level con game, arguably, was sued by New York state officials over fraud, and one person lost around 35K for a silly degree of no value and up sell tries that would make the former now deceased infomercial king blush.

Cruz needs to consider using the latter opposition research on Trump in the next debate just before Iowa votes!