An open letter to Rubio backers...

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Some writers on RedState, notably D. M., want Rubio.

They see him as more electable, as bridging the gap between Establishment acceptableness and sufficient conservative credentials. They see him as a more balanced package than Cruz, whom everyone knows the leadership hates (not because of Ted, mind you, but because he has shown he will not play ball to preserve their perks and status, etc.) but that that will matter whether we like it or not going forward. We need, they argue, to be realistic about building a winning workable coalition.

They argue no matter how we feel, even about gang of 8, the total conservative Heritage and other hypothetical “score” of Marco compared to Cruz is not big enough to justify picking the latter ONCE electability, charisma, etc. are factored in.

Indeed, given his recent comments to an atheist on the stump, the arguments that he’s just good at prepared material are weakened. Many claim his retail politics are lacking, but he can say he is capable of being quick on his feet when being set up. He proved that earlier, too, with comments to a reporter about the age of the planet, etc. He’s not a terrible choice, given the parade of moderates who lose even when we win, he would be my choice even if Cruz was not there or had no path to win.

They argue Rubio should stay in the race, and are angry their choice is being asked by nervous Cruz fans to drop out before a *single* vote is cast.

I think he should consider it, but I don’t anticipate he will, days out from Iowa. The stakes are that high, though.

And make no mistake, time is rapidly running out on both Marco and Ted to even entertain the notion of a meaningful duel.

I think he should leave for the good of the greater cause to stop the Monster of Trump, who could destroy all of us on many levels for generations, and that is not even counting the SCOTUS losses of 3-4 likely selections that need to be perfect or we lose a once in 75 year chance to really tilt the balance by acing every pick with Cruz, the one guy who has gone out of his way to argue for a zero tolerance for failure on that issue. We have NEVER in my lifetime had a shot like this on the high court, ever.

But there may be a middle ground option where fans of Rubio and Ted can both save their fire against each other for another day.

However, the scenario hoped for, that of Rubio and Cruz going head to head for the prize by them  fighting later on in various states is NOT even going to materialize if Trump wins in Iowa.

He will  %*^&@! steamroll everyone, including Cruz based on momentum and herding instinct to back the “inevitable” perceived WINNER.

It happens almost every time.

This is especially true in the modern era, with 24/7 cable news constantly telling people Trump is leading the polls, increasing them, etc. It’s stupid, but it’s mass psychology.

People SHOULD in an ideal world, vote for who they want. But this the real world, and that is not what usually happens.

Several Rubio backers are sincere, they do not merely support him over his election chances against Hillary or any Democrat.

But this is not 1972. It’s 2016. Back then, when conventions did not have the same role as now, it was possible to even contemplate a strategy where one battled for months in favorable regions nationwide without certain inevitability psychology.

That’s not true today.

Realistically, if Trump wins Iowa, he will really win big in NH. He will lock SC and it WILL domino. Count on it.  Got it?

He has to be stopped NOW.

Cruz is the ONLY one there with the retail edge, support from key Evangelicals, money, etc. to win it and clearly. Rubio simply cannot do this ***in time***, strongly enough, regardless of his chances in Nevada or in other venues.

If Cruz wins,  he and Rubio could fight it out and split won delegates later, make their respective cases  to voters AND the delegates and convention operatives, letting the chips fall where they may.

They could even bargain and deal with one another for a unity ticket, no matter which one was on top or a SCOTUS appointment for Cruz himself if Marco won, or Ted getting input on selections to the high court for a president Rubio, etc.

I could accept all of those possibilities, how about you?

We will not be having the Ted v. Marco debate AT ALL if Trump begins with a win in Iowa. It’s over for everyone, including Rubio!

The GOPe, too boot, is even starting to back Trump, they will only support Rubio if *HE* is running neck and neck with Cruz AND Trump is not in play. Sorry, but that’s just reality now it rapidly appears.

Ted in the above link is arguably HALF RIGHT, since he is trying to win himself, obviously, but he’s trying to claim Rubio has no chance. That’s only true if Trump wins Iowa and begins to take on the mantle of inevitable winner in the minds of voters.

If you want Rubio to have a shot at Cruz and the nomination in later weeks, you must first support Cruz in Iowa to arrive in a position where that might be realistic. Think of it as backing the mutual enemy of your favorite sports team in the NFL, where you in the final week support a division rival who can make your team that finished 9-7 win a playoff spot by virtue of a hated usual foe beating another hated one that’s a bigger threat making the main one finish with the same record but out of the hunt!

RedState GOP voters in Iowa, I’m calling upon you to pull the lever for Ted, to help Marco have the debate he wants for the soul of the party later on. Otherwise he will never get the chance to even make his own case seriously. You can go back to backing Rubio as soon as NH.

The biggest showdown we want to see is Rubio fighting ONLY mainly Cruz as early as SC. That remains a fantasy unless you do the correct tactical and strategic thing NOW.

You gotta vote for him, ride people to polls and even phone bank, knowing you will turn on him right after, holding your nose.

We have to realize the negative “birther” tries to worry voters that a liberal judge will take it away over eligibility have WORKED and now, many are duped into believing it, making Trump now in a near TIE with Cruz. With Cruz being ripped apart from all sides at the worst possible time, his numbers are crumbling, not enough to make Marco himself win in Iowa but enough to allow a real risk of a Trump victory there and a domino avalanche before Super Tuesday is even a blip on the radar.

That can only be offset if Rubio’s supporters in Iowa back Ted for this ONE VOTE to derail Trump before his momentum makes all other arguments moot. I hope you will do the same if backing Carson, but the main camp that needs to do this belongs to Marco.

Once Trump’s facade of “being a winner” is blunted in the very first vote, his aura changes. He cannot simply say he’s leading in the polls elsewhere, though he will and the media will dutifully parrot that. His magic will be at least blunted perceptually.

Do it for all of us, do it for yourself and Rubio as well.

Splitting the vote in Iowa is suicide for everyone, and neither your guy nor mine will win, but a narcissist crony capitalist will.

Call it a mutual temporary truce for the common good to destroy the biggest enemy for all of us, which is Trump.