Who the media wants to be the GOP nominee and who they don't...


Right now, the MSM is parroting all of Donald’s talking points on Birtherism and likability over Ted Cruz.

Ask yourself why.

Any quick search shows this phenomena clearly.

They remind us the Establishment is ganging up on Cruz, his wife’s relationship to bankers is scary, etc.

Many rank and file liberals, on Facebook and elsewhere remind us how they WANT Cruz to win the nomination. They just know he would be easy to beat, etc.


They know who they hate and fear, and it ain’t Trump. It’s Cruz.

Even they, like the GOPe understand Cruz, if he DOES win, would ACT on his views, and would be a problem. They don’t fear that with Trump. So, they want him gone before he wins the primary races.

They talk about Trump 24/7 for a reason, to get his unelectable personage on the hook, then they will turn on him and loop all the comments about women and disabled reporters for the general. They know name recognition and repetition will cause a groundswell of support for him among low information voters.

The debate panel mods avoid giving Cruz any more speaking time than necessary, on purpose. They know the smart strategy is to act like he’s not there. They are trying to pick our nominee by using their power to shape the coverage to their advantage.

The plan of the MSM is the same each election. They pick the more likely to lose Republican and also the least impacting to the march of progressiveness should he prevail, waiting for another liberal to keep moving the needle in the next administration.

Don’t let them do it this time…