Should Marco and Ted join forces now or soon in a Quid pro quo?


Currently, Cruz is going for the throat on Rubio, based on total self-interest calculations. That’s understandable, but might not be the best total call now or in the near future.

He wants it to be a 2 man race, but if he fails to win Iowa by enough to really put his foot on the accelerator, he may need to consider fallback plans for later contests. Realism is something they must consider, not their ideal scenarios sans Trump.

As I posted here regarding Rubio fans in Iowa needing to call a temporary truce on Cruz to take out Trump in Iowa before he steamrolls them both, I wonder what everyone thinks about this option.

The 2 campaigns secretly agree to terms in order to run a unique form of interference, usually reserved for helping the Establishment stop the conservative.

If they team up at some point and bargain over the top slot that might be an option. Or, If Rubio wins out, he agrees to either select Cruz for SCOTUS or better yet, head the selection process to ensure Rubio does not make the error of another Souter. He could argue he has final say over all involved EXCEPT Rubio himself, who will probably defer to him anyway.

If Ted wins, he picks Rubio for V.P. or some other critical post.

It’s not true that too much bad blood has been said, you can kiss and make up if the alternative means a Trump victory.

They do not have to like each other, only respect each other enough as politicians to see the bigger picture. We have to unite the party and avoid trying to get cute by artificially picking a woman or some such in a pandering zeal.

But Rubio going on Univision  speaking in Spanish cannot hurt.

This article predicts a Rubio Cruz ticket, to offset each man’s weaknesses in a unity appeal. I agree it’s an obvious solution.

It could start with off table negotiations between their campaigns, hopefully not leaked prematurely…