Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Donald Trump has it?


Read this and weep, for our nation if this person is elected or even nominated:


Obama, another narcissist, fooled voters in 2008.

This time, especially on the other side, no such excuse for stupidity exists after the petulant child was elected.

As noted elsewhere, like here, Trump is obsessed with constantly talking about how great he is and needs to change his theme slogan to making Donald Even Greater Again than he already is. He needs to admit it’s not about America or us.

Imagine this clown turning on us and his delusional supporters once they see him appoint a liberal SCOTUS justice that did him favors on the trail over the eligibility bomb throw at Cruz?

Do you think he will respond with reasoned arguments or reason period?

No, he will attack the accuser and insult his way back, and more.

Forget about trying a Harriet Miers response on that selection, he will destroy first before admitting error or wrongdoing.

Folks, we better hope Cruz is coalesced around soon, and that he displaces this egomaniac.

Those Greek columns borrowed from a movie set in 2008 by Obama will not be enough to satisfy the need in Trump for adulation, I’m afraid…