How Demagogues like Trump win elections and harm humanity...


Trump is not an Ideologue. Donald is a Demagogue.

Some might argue Cruz is an Ideologue, but that’s another story.

The people who cause the most damage to society are Demagogues, not true believers.

The reason is in part due to the fact that they do not care about anything else typically other than their own advancement. They lack principles except for that which serves expediency. You do not know what you are going to get with a Trump. At least with a Cruz you have an idea of what kind of person you are likely getting.

Many Demagogues, like Obama, and now Trump, are thin skinned narcissists with ego dysfunction issues.

Throughout history, examples exist of these bomb throwers using temporary economic conditions and other emotion-stirring variables to incite mob thought translated into votes.

Often those feelings have some degree of legitimacy, but in the end the sentiments are shrewdly used as a handy tool by the Demagogue for their power gaining aspirations.

Trump does not care about abortion, and may even be in favor of it, but since he’s running for the Republican nomination, he says whatever he has to for votes.

Trump does not care about Ethanol, he just wants Iowa.

Trump actually favored open borders before, and now might just let them back in anyway but he realizes going massively right, exploiting the recent terrorist related attacks in CA by demanding a sure to be decried ban of some kind on Muslims entering will get him attention for free and make him stand way out from the pack, helping him get votes.

He’s played everyone like a fiddle. A master salesman in the art of the deal, indeed!

As some have suggested. he’s probably laughing over all of this and how easy it has been for a progressive to infiltrate, say what he thinks they want to hear, etc. to get votes.

Trump is a walking caricature of the boogeyman “racist/sexist/xenophobic, etc.” that the left has been dying to have lead a high profile national election on behalf of the GOP. They could not have done better if they had picked him themselves.

The lesson of history is when people are the most frustrated, scared, depressed, etc. they are the most vulnerable to emotional manipulation by cunning politicians that seek to exploit their weaknesses using psychology.

That’s exactly what Trump is doing on a regular basis.

Simply put, on any given issue, he finds out what the mood of the biggest slice of voters is, and attempts to pander to it in a visceral way, to cause supporters to see themselves in him, to view him as a champion for their suppressed desires. He becomes a proxy for their frustrated needs, their anger, rage if you will-at the system.

That’s why he is so popular.

It’s not about him, it’s about their hope that their champion Alpha Male will represent their ignored interests.

A role in this has been played to create the perfect storm for Trump by talk radio not decrying him in time, by the leadership of the Republican party breaking even the most easy to deliver promises like the abortion vote early last year, to the press covering him for free almost exclusively to Sarah’s sellout and on and on.

When we examine history, we see similar conditions paved the way for Hitler and other dictators. It’s a human nature weakness for people under the right conditions to suspend their better judgement and reach for a pied piper that promises to fix it all.

Unfortunately, history shows us these persons with power do not end well. They often require radical steps to stop later on, once it becomes clear that they serve no god except themselves and are willing and able to use their authority to the hilt and beyond without hesitation. Even with Obama, we see lawlessness. Already one can imagine Trump using the pen, too.

Having an R next to his name would not make ignoring the constitution any wiser or better. Soon we will lose the republic if that road becomes the path of choice in the mainstream channels.

Already Trump is promising a spot in his administration for Palin who just endorsed him. It would not surprise anyone not naive to the core that would promise (possibly in private for tactical reasons!) the leftist “scholars” he used to attack Cruz from the eligibility angle a SCOTUS slot. He’s all about machinations where the big picture is his goal of winning by any means.

That is why he thinks nothing of attacking Cruz from the LEFT with Alinskyite tactics, he is well versed in them being leftist himself and always agrees that then ends justify the means, as long as he gets what he wants.

Trump is merely an opportunist that is grabbing for power at the right time and place. If he thought he could have better chances as an open liberal Democrat, he would have no problem claiming he’s been a consistent supporter of leftism.

Whatever it takes, is the creed of a Demagogue, they, like Trump, have no set principles except those needed by expediency.

Trump is a ruthless person, evinced by his hypocritical road in life that may have employed illegals while he used them as pawns later on speaking to a different audience during the current primary race.

Trump favors eminent domain and the Kelo decision, and tried to help himself by strong arming an elderly woman into selling her property. His actions regarding that woman are window into his soul and intentions if elected.

It does not take a rocket scientist to see that Trump views the presidency not as a noble effort to Make America Great Again, but rather as a means to an end of making Trump’s business landscape personally favorable for decades, again.

Simply put, if he can make sure any SCOTUS pick replacements are friendly to eminent domain constructs that favor business moguls like him, he will prioritize that way about same sex marriage or abortion. He will use executive orders the same way. In every case, all his action will relate to making it easier on his empire using the bully pulpit of the White House and it trappings.

It’s all about him and his ability to make even more money and acquire more power, not about enriching America…