It's the Supreme Court, Stupid, AGAIN...


In 1992 the phrase was “it’s the economy stupid”.

Now it’s the SCOTUS, stupid. I’ve wrote this diary before. I am actually writing it twice.

The public is an Idiocracy that believes Judge Judy is on the high court by a 10% clip even when they are college grads, but I digress.

The age of the members of many, including key votes like Ruthie B., are such that it’s likely the next president, especially if he or she gets two terms, will be on the order of 3-4 at least. Their health with cancer scares and such is configured to probably make it a reality that several, not just 1 or 2 will be replaced by the latest POTUS. We can only pray Obama does not get a last minute one like Ruthie to go on his watch, so a Republican can do the picking for all exiting oldsters.

That is huge.

The person appointing them cannot fail even once if we are to tilt the balance. We keep going like 1-1 or 2-2, etc.

Democrats have rarely failed to get reliable liberal “votes” almost every time they go to bat, despite often having less chances to select in recent decades.

Their most recent “bust” was Byron White, by Kennedy, who voted against abortion and other things by surprise.

By contrast, Republicans, going back to at least Eisenhower miss over and over. So the balance is never tipped to us.

We are one “vote” from gun control and other madness, possibly including immigration law tests, etc.

Cruz is the only candidate who has specifically mentioned in the debates the need to get it right each time by bringing it up plus our past fails as a party in this activity.

That has never happened that I recall in my lifetime, and it should be required as a mental note for every single person we consider for nomination!

Cruz is the guy whose personality and background are most likely, IMHO, to produce the best odds of getting consistent Scalia level picks on each turn with vetting, where he will listen to himself in the final analysis, not advisers like GHWB did that gave us Souter.

We need a true believer doing the picking.

I’m not convinced Rubio will do so as accurately, given his team player tendencies. He’s too much too willing to listen to counsel.

Can you imagine this conversation, think Gang of 8:

Mitch M: “Sir, we suggest Mr. Squish, he’s a lot easier to confirm, we do not need the optics of a bruising confirmation battle!”

Rubio: “Well, if you say so!” “Have anyone in mind?”

Mitchie & Ryan: “There is this guy everyone, even Democrats like, he’s totally qualified and nice, and…

Rubio: “Good, we will go with that and start promoting him as being a consensus pick that works across party lines” etc.

Yes this is an extreme example but you get the idea. Schumer said he recruited Marco on the immigration fiasco.

Now Cruz:

“I’m going with Michael Luttig!”

Mitchie: “Don’t be silly, he’s not confirmable!” “Pick a woman, we need the optics!”

Cruz: “He’s been vetted by me and he’s most clearly conservative, the decision is final.”

Trump is a non-stater in that he will have at least half of the picks be Souters, or more. He is not right wing and will choose moderates and consensus types or ones he owes favors or wants those favors from, without hesitation, so he cannot win.

With Cruz we risk some “skull in the box” style presidential attributes, but we gain so much in return on this alone he’s worth the risk…