Too all the people who believe only moderates are backing Trump...


Visit the boards at American Thinker and even:


Read the comments sections where many of them blindly support Palin in this, making absurd claims about Ted’s character and not even noticing the Alinskyish behavior of Trump.

They spout off on loyalty and other nonsense and sound like they are crazy.

People who are not low I.Q. types who actually post on places like American Thinker comment fields decrying RINOS are openly supporting the worst stealth RINO of all time, and being stubborn about it no less.

Demagogues, history keeps repeating itself.

What’s astounding is they question the bonafides of Cruz on his “conservatism” while somehow justify Trump not even resembling one by his past actions, or even ones taken this WEEK.

It’s just scary.

Who do these people imagine Trump to be???

They assume Cruz is some “bad man” who is an opportunist, yet they do not see any of that in a person who has been a liberal in everything until a few months ago?

They have this cultish “he’s gonna fix all that’s wrong” “he fights” “he alone loves America” delusion that is childish and dangerous.

They have this blind Obama-like hero worship that leads to songs and videos about a person they view as a savior.

Wake up, you guys.

Any person who supported Palin in the past, and I would admit to some of that, should be disqualifying her now. This is all opportunism to raise her profile and thus cash value personally, by hitching her wagon to the media circus clown, not the person who has went to bat for us repeatedly at some personal cost.

She had the chance to back the very candidate she should have supported given her past claims. Instead, the snake oil man.

Everyone she said she stood for was proven to be expediency based…