How the media is basically trying to force Trump to win the nomination.


It sums up to “all publicity is good publicity” etc.

Just before the under card Dobbs is on FBN claiming Trump has “great communication skills”, but he does not tell anyone that if the networks spend 24-7 simply talking about Trump, better or worse, that free publicity and talking about every single utterance he makes, dumb ones especially, essentially makes him have chances almost by default, due to that publicity itself coupled with simply ignoring serious candidates like Cruz in the bargain.

It’s almost that simple, amazingly enough.


If the Idiocracy allows a stealth progressive, the ultimate Establishment plant, to win, we can just forget it going forward.

The public is so dumbed down, that they do not research the records nor do they care, and that’s why this works. If you ask the average person, they all know who, in spades, Trump supposedly is. They know since it takes ZERO effort to hear stuff on him on any channel which is all of them, giving him free publicity.

They do not have to do anything except passive interaction to learn stuff about him, and that’s precisely the point.

Eventually, with polls that tell us everyone backs Trump which are parroted on those same channels, becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

We can never break the cycle of Obama by electing another version with an R next to his name that tells us what we want to hear except on our side. We can never beat the media and the GOPe by selecting the feel good choice without long term being considered due to anger over their betrayals. We cannot win when we let the media select our candidates for us, either by claiming only McCain is electable or by this latest method of doing almost the same thing in setting us up for failure one way or another. That depends on an electorate that is smart enough to make the right choice and avoid traps like Trump.

Gawd help us…