GOPe please go away, mad or not, just drop dead OK?


Every election it’s the same with the Northeastern Establishment clowns that run the Republican Party with an iron grip now for generations.

Every time, they push Wilkie or Dewey or Ford, Dole, McCain, Romney, etc. on us with threats of a lack of electability and proceed to make it a self-fulfilling prophesy by their own behavior. And yes, I listed Wilkie because this [email protected] has been going on for ages, even before 1964.

It’s like a broken record with these arrogant know it all creeps who always know better than us.

Then, they blame social conservatives and others in the tent for the losses they help spur by their not so passive aggressiveness to gin the primary rules/process to the benefit of liberals to moderates when the nominations are proceeding.

They cause bad blood by expecting movement conservatives to support 100% their idea of a general election candidate, while never returning the favor and taking one for the team in good faith when someone not fitting their profile of acceptableness wins or menaces to.

If a movement type wins, they try to straight up sabotage him/her in order to moralize with us afterwords!

Just so they can claim “I told you so!” to our faces after we ALL lose together. If we show even a hint of unhappiness with one of THEIR guys we are “unreasonable” and told to sit in the back of the bus.

In 1964, these same folks openly hindered Goldwater, to the point where they mistreated him even at the Cow Palace during the convention.

In 1980 they tried to push Ford out of retirement to beat Reagan, who they insisted was a loser.

Now, many of these same folks will do anything they can to help Trump with his eligibility scare tactics to dissuade primary voters into accepting Rubio or someone even less conservative by way of fear of losing the election over complications in the fall.

They are NOT above fanning arguments on Cruz they would not have touched for Obama over his status on legal eligibility.

One way or another, it’s the same old song.

Support our guy, or else!

It even stretches to their rank and file goons at polling sites like Hedgehog Report, where the editor and the posters all back Rubio, (since Bush failed they compromised) calling a decent candidate like Cruz “unelectable” and us “dead-enders” and other pejoratives. They ignore their own polls while lecturing everyone about how HRC is a shoe-in against Ted since he’s too right-wing to win nationally. Nonsense!

Well, I’m done voting for watered down nominees on barking orders.

Either the GOP becomes reflective of it’s base or we will have to blow it up. Turnabout is fair play. In this case it’s justice.

If the Establishment had backed a certain recent candidate who ran against McAuliffe, that man might have been elected in Virginia and not that Clinton stooge clown.

They had to have their incumbent at all costs in the McDaniel race and spat in our faces openly.

They have shown over and over now that they would rather lose than support any clear conservative. They cannot fight Democrats and liberals ruthlessly or at all, but are able to use any dirty trick needed to beat people who make up the workforce that elects them each time.

Well, no more.

This time you folks are taking one of the team and are voting for a Cruz. And you are going to like it or act like you do.

This time Reince Priebus and his little gang of GOPe flunkies are going to have to suck it up and endorse and work tirelessly to elect a Cruz.

I’ve done that and more for your guys for longer than I can remember. It’s time you threw a bone to me.

And he CAN win if you do YOUR part without moaning and with open wallets from start to finish.

No complaining, no whining, no undercutting him to help him lose a razor thin one by withholding money in key situations and stabbing him in the back to say “see, we told you he was unelectable” as an excuse to use a self-fulfilling prophesy as “proof” of our needing to back moderate to liberal Republicans from here to eternity. That dog don’t hunt. Not gonna buy it anymore.

It’s either that or Castor oil…