The fix is in from the Establishment to force Rubio on us.


By now everyone knows about the so-called “birther” tactics being tried on Cruz.

Of course, the GOPe is not unhappy about The Donald going this route, since they want to scare us all into “settling” for Rubio out of fear of a GE loss since HRC and others are sure to claim Cruz is not eligible and force him to be taken off message and worse, to have to contend with some crazy hypothetical judge putting a spanner into to mix with intervention.

Of course, most of us know that is not likely to happen and would not switch over such a “risk” but they hope enough do to throw enough doubt into the minds of primary voters to cause them to blink.

Breitbart is helping fuel this, while folks like M. Levin are trying to defuse it. The White House is even trolling it, unsurprisingly.

Ask yourself if you want to vote for the gang of 8 stooge Rubio out of fear.

I know I won’t. I would not trust him unless I had no other choice.

The GOPe wants someone they can control, they think Rubio is that man. They feel he is a team player, unlike Cruz.

Well, all the damage done to this Republic requires less going along to get along and more refusal to seek Establishment favors.

Recently Rubio has come down even more notches with reliability over the latest red flag.

Sorry, I cannot get charged up about a candidate that would aid the left in such channels.

Then this:

Worse, Rubio recently flubbed an answer on the trail, where he’s not noted for retail politics interest or depth, over getting more young people involved. Supposedly he gave a canned answer of the usual platitudes that left the asking person unsatisfied:

“Mr. Rubio’s style can be stirring — or oddly disconnected. When a young woman at his event in Clinton wondered what he would do to lure millennial voters to the Republican Party, pointing out that she was one of just a handful from that generation who came out to see him, Mr. Rubio delivered a rehearsed-sounding answer heavy on campaign talking points instead of an actual strategy. “Here is how we are going to fix it,” he said. “By allowing free enterprise and limited government to be applied to the challenges of the 21st century.”

“The young woman looked unpersuaded.”

So Cruz is still the best option. By a country mile, IMHO.

The problem is we’ve come to expect this kind of dirty pool by the GOP Establishment, who would rather get even on Tea Party types than beat our opposition.  See the Thad Cochran debacle. That’s what happened with Ken Cuccinelli.

Who, by the way, endorses Ted Cruz.