If the GOP does not do this, at a minimum over Obama's gun tricks, it will only get worse...


Right now this self-righteous preacher is lecturing everyone using the bully pulpit to do it in a presser where he unveils his unconstitutional attempts to institute rule by King.

Once again, as with the Oregon fail by Rubio and Cruz, you NEVER accept the left’s premises.




He just got a standing O applause when he announced his meddling, on national TV.

This fanatic who is not anyone to judge someone else, is trying to subvert constitutional law. If the support for his proposals existed, he could have passed them as laws lawfully.

Make no mistake, changing definitions on background checks and the parameters WILL be abused and it WILL lead to full on registration and eventually confiscation. California is already ahead of the curve on that, with their “cooling off” period legislative proposals that will be expanded as much as the left can possibly instigate. It cannot end well.

Again, Obama repeats the gun show loop hole lie, realizing a lie gets half way around the world before the truth even gets its pants on.

If the GOP had any stones, and I am not holding my breath, the following should occur:

1) Protesters should be outside, demanding cameras, and giving the facts to media near the WH or wherever this speech is.

2) GOP should renounce him, stage walk outs over the last Obama SOTU address, etc.

3) Stage a “Republican Response” on this talk and try to force the media to cover it in the news shows.

4) Call on all governors and other GOP figures with power to oversee this stuff to ignore his claims of binding to the order.

5) 100% fight all the time, denying their obligation to simply “let the courts decide if his actions are constitutional” etc.

6) You warn him of a president Santorum that insists of the right by executive order to shut down all abortion clinics.

7) You insist everyone must follow the law, that includes the left, or do not complain about a de facto Roe reversal.

You do not need to call for open rebellion, but you do not play defense and accept the premise that if the left judge shops to finds the usual suspects that claim, falsely, that this stuff is legal that that means you play nice and do not use every tool, not just the stacked courts, to fight him with.

He keeps doing unconstitutional stuff like refusing to enforce immigration laws and anything else he does not like and the GOPe just runs to the latest court which will be tied up for ages before anything is done, and it does not work to keep allowign the abuses to accumulate without serious threats of impeachment and other actions we could be taking, fearing optics.

What we have is a full fledged Authoritarian ruler who is just beginning to push the limits to see how far he can go. He will not accept anything he does not personally agree with.

You cannot win if this creep can claim moral high ground he does not have, and let him issue edicts unchallenged.

This person is dangerous to our right to keep and bear arms like no other president in modern history.

He should be treated as such.