Why going after the PC media is a good idea only if it's done correctly.


I am an outspoken advocate, shamelessly, of [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] of Texas.

I believe him to be the best available candidate by a wide margin in this cycle given the totality of all the variables.

I do not over fear the media and attach too much shaky evidence based “electability” to the equation, which arguably might be motivating on some level at least the apparent advocacy of the Redstate founder, among others, of Rubio.

But one benefit of this circus of a primary that Trump has contributed is the concept of sticking it to the media.

If you do not push back they keep framing the narrative and shape the story and the terms.

Fair enough.

The Donald has no doubt helped everyone move the Overton Window on several issues.

The problem is his childish approach has done almost as much, if not more damage to us politically than anything we have gained in the process.

We are likely to see an increased turnout margin of minorities and women which will help HRC in the fall, and might even elect her if Trump gets the nomination. That’s because the media will montage these quotes of Trump in 30 second ads aimed at LIVs.

One cannot confuse the voters who may or may not entirely show up in the GOP primaries with those of a general election.

The debate is not about IF you should not accept media premises or hit back, the only one is HOW.

If you make the mistake of Trump and basically let them paint a caricature of you by making the wrong kind of impulsive not measured quips, over and over, that will ultimately do the opposite of what you intended and wipe out or minimize any Overton Window gains you have made.

Many of his fans support him, month after month, due to a curious psychological error:

They are so mad at the media over the constant distortions, they want to lash out with unbridled anti-PC talk which relieves their frustrations over *not* being able to say *anything* they want as per PC diktat. The maddening way it always seems to go one way, with liberals being able to say whatever they wish in the minds of the liberal media-makes the talk of Trump which basically thumbs the nose with a vengeance at them and their rigged rules feels mighty good-short term. 

They are so invested now, that they cannot make themselves admit Trump is a loser and not worth fighting for, out of pride. Hence the comments fields when somebody makes the point that Trump is a walking gaffe machine, they ignore it no matter what, thus proving that detractors are right-it IS a cult of personality paradigm at work here.

We lose moral authority to argue our points on principle when we allow a stealth liberal progressive to represent us in a primary, let alone as our president in a national election. Any gains he makes in moving the window of acceptable discourse are lost in the cartooning of our ideology and the non-conservative views he will adopt in our name as the standard bearer.

Unfortunately, the media does, despite what many of us want to think, shape opinions by their stagecraft. Lots of very dumb people, LIV’s if you will, believe what they say via the constant pounding of their narratives.

The question is how do you beat them at their own game and get through the noise filter in a way that actually works rather than just makes you feel good via revenge.

Calling a media clown names will not make a high ground claiming liberal who has the entire media on his side by default, lose the spin war to the broader electorate. It does not matter that he threw mud first, the refs (media) will act predictably. It’s incredibly naive to think Trump is so brilliant that he can act any way he wants and say anything he likes and the media will lose the war because Americans (aside from a certain demographic spread) are mad as Heck and are not gonna take it anymore.

What is likely to happen instead is that all the collected rants will be turned into scores of 30 second ad buys to carpet bomb Trump into oblivion in swing states aimed the mushy middle that decides national elections. Minorities, Hispanics and female voters will show up in bigger numbers than usual, providing HRC with a winning margin.

The path to 270 is quite narrow, and Democrats hold the edge there. It’s easier to reach that magic number with more combinations for the Democrats to achieve it as the current map reads. It will not take much to make that path even narrower.

But Cruz has shown that he has the stones to fight back intelligently, as well as consistently.

The recent kerfuffle over the Monkey cartoon was a prime example. Cruz trolled them in advance, after and followed up brilliantly. It’s possible to make your point without damaging yourself. But that takes a candidate with enough intelligence and savvy to make it work without downside.

Cruz dared the media to continue the argument when he posted a video of his daughters doing snow angels, but by then they had learned their lesson.

You must refute the false points of the media, and refuse to accept their narratives, but do so in a way that makes THEM look bad, alone. Cruz consistently shows he does not take the bait and gets them to do that. He shows smarts and strategy in advancing our viewpoints in ways that show the superiority of our ideas, which is why he’s the best candidate running.

He’s even taken on the fact checkers. Cruz all over it in essentially the same way Trump is, without the crazy. He does not consistently invite self-inflicted wounds, but The Donald does.

Once you allow the media to provoke you impulsively, you lose. You feel good short term, but that is fleeting.

It’s like rolling in a trough with pigs, soon both of you are dirty and no bystander can tell if you or the pig is more unclean…