Cruz widens lead against Rubio in latest poll?


Cruz widens his lead against Rubio in latest post debate poll?

It seems voters in the primaries ae not buying Rubio’s portrayal of Cruz as being no more conservative than him.

The seem to be crystalizing around the Texas senator, despite the attempts of many in the party leadership and some more conservative elements endorsing Marco over their perceptions of his electabillty, which is hardly a convincing argument once other factors are taken into account.

This is not an election about the future, despite what many on all sides are arguing.

It’s about fear.

It’s driving all of the campaings. In HRC’s case it’s fear of a type of America not in comport with progressive values. In the case of our guy’s it’s about fear of the future unless certain issues are managed like immigration and ISIS.

Voters are not voting for Marco over his new American century because despite his attempts to appear as Reagan with optimism, nobody is in an optimistic mood, and they have reason to be afraid to a degree, as Cruz has noted recently.

I predict Cruz wins Iowa and finishes better than expected in NH.

A showdown looms in SC. If he wins there, it dominoes as it did in 2008 for McCain against Huckabee, with Ted winning enough of the conservative states to beat off Trump.

A lot of Trump’s base is rock solid, but many are thought to not even be reliable to show up in actuality. If that of Cruz does, it would help him a lot.

The trend against Rubio seems clear enough.

Increasingly, Cruz will have to consider pivoting his strategy to peel off voters from Trump, who is is main rival perhaps now.

He’s more poised to do that than Rubio, since many of Trump’s supporters only give a nod to Cruz as an alternate. The issue is how he does so in time to stop Trump, since his current peace treaty on The Donald cannot hold up forever…