Cruz: SCOTUS candidates must have a paper trail to prove conservatism...


In a recent debate Cruz hit upon the theme of ensuring a conservative pick for any SCOTUS opening.

Indeed, the partial cipher Roberts turned out to be a dud in many ways.

Bush was trying to avoid fights, which is one trap conservatives must not fall into. Bush avoided, some claim, Michael Luttig who had supposedly a more clear record of being conservative in favor of the less polarizing Roberts.

Dems fawned on Johnny, which should have been an ominous sign for the right in going forward with his nomination.

In July he noted the necessity of making sure the pick had a trail to identify his/her temperament.

The idea is that Edith Jones was a clear cut case and so was Luttig. You pick them and fight to the death to confirm, you do not choose the easy way out and hand a post to someone who will become a Souter in all likelihood for generations.

The odds that a Jones would grow in office are likely small, he reasons.

“Unlike many of the other candidates, I will be willing to spend the capital to ensure that every Supreme Court nominee that I put on the court is a principled judicial conservative,” Cruz said.

Reason number 1,340 to choose Cruz for the presidency!