Liberals, Democrats and MSM try to tie Trump to David Duke!

David Duke time cover

On Facebook as a trending article and elsewhere, sure to be taken and ran with, are the comments of one David Duke, who has been caricatured as a racist for years by the left.

Not being the brightest bulb in the shed, he gave the progressive media free material to bash Trump, and really by extension-the rest of us.

He claimed his positions were more radical than anything I ever proposed!

Naturally this was him playing all of us for fools, since of course the media will run with anything to make the right and the Republicans look as racist and intolerant as possible.

Now dozens of the usual propaganda suspect outlets are trying to tie Trump with neo-Nazism and such!

Duke allows himself to be interviewed which liberals are pouncing on to link him to Trump and both to us and the GOP in general.

I suspect the left WANTS Trump to be nominated. This is reverse psychology, and sadly it’s working. By making him out to be Satan incarnate, they get all upside. They can continue to  paint the theme long term that all on the right are bigots, and they can make a stubborn portion of our base who clings to Trump grab even tighter to defend him from their insults and charges.

Trump is poison and unlikely to win a general election, and many of his supporters are making the error of wanting to get back the PC media so bad for their distortions and half truths and outright lies that they do not see the big picture of his unelectability since that would be “letting them win”, etc.

They hate PC, we all do.

But this is not the right guy to use as a hill to die on.

He’s not worth it.