NBA Bloomberg aided brainwashing on "gun violence" coming soon...


Word this morning on CNBC the stock market channel with a bunch of wealthy, guilty liberals at least socially, who are probably voting for Hillary and who embarrassed themselves in a recent GOP debate, is that Mayor Bloomberg and the NBA, using promos involving basketball star Steph Curry, are trying to end the evil scourge of “gun violence”.

Set to air during Christmas, the left wants to make sure that no area of your life is sacred from their secular humanist proselytizing.

Spike Lee, the leftist film director person who endangered innocent lives during the Trayvon Martin shooting aftermath by giving up addresses of a few close to the shooter, is also involved.

I always chastise people on OUR side to stop making the error of ceding language to leftists, who are masters at theme based narratives using either contrived or redefined words to indoctrinate or fool people.

Examples include calling same sex marriage “gay marriage” because the original factual definition involves sex, not sexual preference. There is no such thing as “straight marriage” only marriage, which is a male and female REGARDLESS of their claimed sexual attractions, since you could have an arranged marriage like Bill and Hillary.

Then they use “marriage equality” once they see their original choices are not resonating. Who could oppose EQUALITY?

Like white on rice, the left acts in unison and every lefty you know on Facebook stops using the old term and adopts the new and improved one, like “marriage equality.”

Conservatives often do not realize how important language is in shifting public opinion and shaping dialogue. If the left defines the terms and owns the language, they win before the argument even begins!

There is no such thing as an “ASSAULT WEAPON” but leftists use it to scare people and focus on one arena of the object use while terming that object to be only for killing.

Gun violence is a stupid term to condition the sheep to attribute violence with inanimate metal objects.

I guess since Wikipedia says the term is real it must be true and not contrived, but I digress…

No gun kills anybody, humans do.

Just as Tim McVeigh can turn fertilizer into a bomb that kills hundreds, the fault is not that of cow pies.

The left wants to use this term scores of times to plant the image they want in the minds of the naive.

Nobody on OUR side should use this and help them, but actually many of our own guys do in reporting on the latest “mass shooting” which is another media generated term with suspect definitions in terms of what constitutes that.

But the left knows the language war MUST be won first for them to win.

This latest “public service announcement” will attempt to blame the persons behind the shootings, which, you can guess, will be inferred to be law abiding gun owners.

I expect Bob Costas to appear, and maybe he will bring up the team name of the “football club in Washington” as a side issue.

The left is totally relentless, intent on invading every aspect of our lives and politicizing it.

It’s not rational to blame or irrationally be phobic of a metal inanimate object. But the left, the same folks calling anyone concerned about terrorist plants hiding among Syrian refugees as overly paranoid and Islamophobic-implying not rational fear of Islam, wants to lecture all of us on how we should term all shootings that are not accidental as “gun violence” when nobody uses the term “knife violence” to describe those homicides, despite the fact that many people die of stabbings each year.

Of course, Islamophobia is another made up term to control language and thus debate designed to stop debate by making those not on the side of the left out to be bigoted and not rational.

The left wants people to blame the object, to instill disgust and fear among the populace over it irrationally, which is why they are acting in school boards and systems to suspend kids with pop tart shaped pistols. Once a few generations grow up to associate bad things with guns, they will happily support any gun control including confiscation.

Anytime a leftist tries to use the term “gun violence” correct them and say “you mean homicides where the murder instrument chosen by the killer was a firearm” and so forth. This places the discussion focus on the PERSON and their culpability in the affair, not the device used to inflict the cause of death. People really do kill people, not guns. That’s just a tool like any other, such  the ammonium nitrate fertilizer used to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City.

We need to be careful to not use their propaganda terms and to call them out for using them and exposing their attempts to blame the object which is not what they did to pressure cookers after the Tsarnaev brothers blew up the Boston Marathon.

The left is totally in it to win it, and they are playing long term ball here by covering to death any shooting that fits their narrative (avoiding carefully all the Chicago gangland shootings) and preaching to the masses the horrors of icky guns.

Worse, they are not above lying or anything to get their way, so long as they prevail.