Women are why Trump cannot likely win in a general.


As I outlined here, LIV’s comprised of a number of females will not allow Trump to prevail in all probability.

He is a walking 30 second ad soundbite in an age of American Idol and smartphone texting.

And that ad will show him mocking a woman’s facial attributes and a disabled reporter. They will show him being quoted over calling the bathroom duties of a female “disgusting” and using the word “schlonged” regarding the woman he’s opposing!

Couple that with Politifact ganging up on Trump to suggest HE and not dozens as or more qualified for the title on the side of the left as being the liar of the year, and well, it’s a near certain defeat of a winnable election.

Silly me, I thought somebody lying about TWO videos now might rate the nod, even if she’s a girl.

Never, as they say, underestimate the power of the party of stupid to lose a won election, we have practice at it sadly.

Fact is, Clinton can easily turn Trump into a cartoon character demonized version of every fantasy wet dream they have about conservatives being neanderthals with those clips and quotes. And it won’t even be particularly hard.

To win, the Republican must not lose women BADLY or too badly. We will not likely win no matter what in pure numbers, but we do need to limit the amount of the loss to carry wafer thin majorities in swing states like Ohio and Florida.

Usually, the “war on women” meme is only possible to try to paint very roughly, claiming that mere opposition to abortion and other things like federal funding of contraceptives, etc. is equal to that.

Cruz has come across, while still locking up Evangelicals, as being not a fundie. He is not as prone to being Santorum-ized as many fear. His comments on condom use belies that while still having staunch right-wing bonafides.

His detractors try to suggest he wants these and other bc measures not funded, but so would any Libertarian who might even support abortion on demand. It defuses the attempt to paint him as some sort of “religious right” figure for easy potshots.

But Trump has made so many easy to caricature statements it will be easy to manufacture the meme to LIV’s  and to boot with a person who is not even much of an ideologue on social issues or at least is not on the right wing of the debate.

All sorts of polling shows Trump rubs women the wrong way, probably it will not take much to remind them using pychological warfare of why that is.

Hillary, already running an elect the Lady Parts campaign, will have her task greatly simplified.

She is going to spend the coming months trying to define Trump, and extension the GOP and by more extension all conservatives as being about keeping women as subjugated as they are under Sharia law, all the while ignoring saying anything negative about the religion of peace.

Google Trump and women and one of the first things that pops up in search options is women and menstrual periods.

Google *images* (that is pictures of him in connection with females) ALONE on Trump and women and you turn up Tweets with his supposed comments that can easily be warped regarding Clinton satisfying her man or not, and what that would mean for America.

You can’t make this sh*t up if you tried.

Trump has said so many of these things all HRC needs to to is get others to put up the ads, so she can benefit from the boost without actually getting too close, and she will do just that on her personal goldmine of quips, The Donald.

It’s almost like he is a Clinton camp plant, and most likely he’s not of course but the result is the same either way.

You do the math…