Wanna beat Donald Trump? The Harlem Globetrotter's showed how at the stock market open today...


Many true conservatives are pulling their hair out over the prospect of a Trump nomination.

With good reason.

His loose cannon approach to verbal diarrhea is getting both tiresome and old, and fortunately for the GOP, voters are beginning to come to their senses.

A new poll shows [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] within near the margin of error of Trump nationally. This is a big break for the Texas politician who also finds his likability improving to the point where primary voters will have less reason for choosing Rubio in the fall.

Cruz seems to be breaking away from Rubio, with a win in Iowa all but in the bag.

Either a Cruz or Rubio candidacy would be less harmful to the Republican, and by extension, like it or not-conservative brand than any run in a general by Trump. At this point, Jeb Bush would be less damaging!

Here’s the truth:

It’s extremely likely that The Donald would get destroyed in a general election full of LIV’s  who will buy in sufficient numbers an image with a montage of arguably somewhat out of context soundbites showing Trump saying things in 30 second commercial ads by the scores in November.

All of them will paint an image of him being sexist and xenophobic and un-presidential and hateful.

It does not matter if the MSM, which, like for Obama, will be in the tank for HRC, is *distorting* even The Donald’s views if a fine tooth comb is actually applied.

What matters is perception.

As we speak, the MSM is working daily to DEFINE Trump as a monster, and non-conservative Indies will NOT likely vote for him, once they see the montage of collected quotes Hillary will spend millions to unload in ad buy spots for swing states.

HRC just basically apparently LIED in the debate over his being a recruiting tool for ISIS.  She probably cannot point to a video, and these goons who chop off heads of captives DO release them, so if that existed we should have saw it by now. But HRC, taking a cue from Trump, doubled down as refuses to apologize.

Make no mistake, because the MSM is in her tank, making outrageous claims will NOT AFFECT HER PROPORTIONALLY.

When the media could be attacking her over these claims, they are instead running today with comments of the loose cannon over her bathroom break, suggesting he made sexually derogatory comments about her!!!

Several media outlets are now talking about HIS comments, not hers, over her tardy potty break!!!

So far, Trump has managed to provide campaign commercial spots where he will be looped as attacking a woman’s facial looks, and her bathroom habits. He’s insulted a disabled reporter. Regardless of how you can argue the media is taking the ball and running with it, they can paint a picture of him as a cartoon character caricature of both Republicans AND conservatives.

The Establishment will NOT be the ONLY ONES PUNISHED HERE.

I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but Trump’s candidacy is the best thing that ever could have happened for the Dems in a tricky cycle given the 8 year itch factor, etc. I’ve heard a number of liberals gleeful over him winning the nomination. They realize he’s just throwing bombs for red meat on steroids, NOT that actually believes his own shtick.

Some paranoids even think he’s a Clinton plant designed to lose in order to make us all look bad on top of it. Go figure.

They are waiting to use the “birther” claims on him as well, to paint him as being kooky. Him trying to reverse it on her will not work since the media is in her court and will not treat any clash fairly. The links claims he said he “just does not talk about that stuff anymore.” Does he think the altruistic liberal media will just let it rest??? That’s his reason for dropping it???

Trump is the most toxic potential GOP nominee possibly of all time.

Folks, if you support Trump, you are basically electing Clinton. You could as easily pull the lever for her, and be done with it.

The media is building an IMAGE of Trump over months of loose lip kerfuffles of being crazy and hateful, and it’s delusional to think that enough bodies in the booth will rise up and reject the GOPe in the fall because he leads NOW in the GOP primaries.

He’s already poisoned the well with so many comments that HRC would have a field day using to “prove” a war on women, etc.

A new poll is out showing half of voters would be embarrassed if he were president!

There is no way a Republican, given the electoral map advantage for Dems on the current map, will win with a person like this considering the wafer margins likely in both Florida and Ohio.

Yet many on our side are so full of justified fury over the leadership, that they literally want to burn them down into the ground and die on a hill over a person whose past statements show he’s not a conservative at all. They argue only the borders matter, as if SCOTUS picks where we cannot afford another Souter, cease to matter.

Why? Because a person who by all odds is likely only to be telling us what we want to hear, SAYS he will be tough on that which would preserve in theory our way of life making all other issues matter via preserving the electoral makeup demographics.

If the electorate is replaced, they argue, the issues of abortion on down will not matter anyway!

It should occur to these folks that aside from us having to win OTHER long term implication battles in the meantime that are NOT going away regardless of who gets the nod, it will not matter if our nominee is so toxic that he cannot win the general.

But the worm is starting to turn.

Aside from the above movement to Cruz, the GOP primary is starting to see Trump as being an embarrassment.

But the Harlem Globetrotter’s provide the best example of this psychology. They usually run rings around their stooge opponent, the Washington Generals. But today they opened the stock market with a hoops contest from the bell box, missing their shots almost entirely on a long series of attempts.

After talking up the trotters, the gang in the booth wanted the picture of them missing each shot to be YANKED since their build up of him did NOT match the hype.  Initially, they wanted video of them shooting, because they wanted to believe their hero team would be shown as winners. Once reality set in, they just wanted them to go away.

So it is with Trump.

By the time they missed on national television dozens of times, they gang accused them of being members of the known comic foil Generals!

We need to face the fact that no matter who angry we are at Ryan and the betrayers, committing ritual suicide with Trump is not the solution. Indeed, it will result in the final nail of America’s coffin.

Destroying even the GOPe is NOT worth a Clinton presidency, especially when a superior choice in [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] exists who is a top notch debater that is improving his weaknesses in “coming across” on an hourly basis, even using clever ad spots with his kids designed to prove his points about how absurd the left is.

That ad racked up over a million hits this past weekend and is pure gold in tactical terms, arguably. Cruz wants to win it all.

I suggest over the next few weeks that others drop out and endorse Cruz.

We need to consolidate behind one person, and that person is Cruz. He’s the best organized and financed as a combo.

We cannot have several in the base not show up over the gang of 8 in a general to punish Rubio which might also hand the election to Clinton. Rubio’s smoothness will not make him a strong enough debater to take on Clinton in terms of specifics. She will be a very hard person in reality to beat, despite the delusions of many in our party. The likability gap is closing anyway.

She has the talking points down, and in the debate she avoided dissing voters directly on bait questions, which is the sign of a prepared well coached speaker. She is using her SOS position to make herself look plausible as a CIC. She speaks with confidence and in detail, and that will take more than Rubio platitudes to derail. It will definitely not work to put up an insulting man that will be painted as both hateful and senile as her opponent. She loses her age issues with Trump as the foe.

You cannot use polls of a hypothetical nearly a year out to prove Rubio is more electable for several simple reasons. First, the press is less negative of Rubio, and Cruz is not the clear nominee yet to make his case in debates directly. It’s just conjecture at this moment.

Secondly, the fear among the moderates of more likability is causing them to reject Cruz over fear of him being less likable, so it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts. Their numbers factor into polling, where they worry Cruz has less personality and want to “back a winner.” They are willing to accept a less conservative pick to add what they perceive as better electoral odds.

Cruz is often virtually tied to Clinton anyway at this point, and at the end of the day (unless we self-implode with a Trump nomination!) any Republican is bound to win at least a narrow victory because voters are tired of a party after 2 terms historically. In rare cases, like Bush in 1988 that does not hold up, but with an unpopular outgoing president that is unlikely.

Once Cruz fights back against Clinton with all he’s got, I like those odds. Unlike Trump, who CAN be easily cartooned, the media assumes at their peril that Cruz can easily be dismissed as some far right unelectable clown. He has shown good instincts even in the fight over how to handle Trump and his IQ is not in doubt. He is a top notch debater if given the time to make a full case.

Clinton is even more unlikable and older, not advantages in this cycle. Also, the more nuanced subtle Libertarian inflected foreign policy straddling of Cruz compares favorably to both Clinton and even Rubio under the current national mood. Finally, being negative in terms of potential future outlook is a POSITIVE in this cycle, not a weakness. Supporters of Rubio fail to see this fact, arguing his platitude heavy “I see the future in Reaganite approach tactics” is superior to the tone of Cruz.

I disagree.

We must choose the hardest right nominee true believer that can narrowly win, because so much damage has been done to the republic it’s imperative to get a committed reversal-minded pick. That person is certainly not Trump, and Rubio is too linked with going along to get along with the Establishment to be trusted on big things that need to perfect without a margin of error.

Additionally, we need to realize that Cruz is NOT situated like other recent nominees in terms of Iowa.

His best chance to win the nomination is to win there, then to place 2nd in NH and to eek out a win in SC ahead of later states, where the psychology of not backing a loser will help him prevail in very conservative states like TX/OK and win a battle either outright or later on with his nearest rival, no matter who he/she is.

Unlike Santorum or Huckabee, both of whom lost steam after winning in the cornfields, Cruz has the money and organization to build upon that for future momentum. He’s no Santorum or Huckabee.

Not all GOP candidates who win Iowa fail, see GWB in 2000 and some others. The ones that do not are situated like Cruz, with actual campaigns behind them to make later wins more feasible. He has an increasing number of Evangelicals flocking to him, which has factored into the angst of both Santorum and Huckabee. They wonder why he’s winning there, and not them.

The answer is Cruz is a lot more electable because he’s a better candidate on the merits as a total package, in a nutshell.

Make it your mission to push the meme that Trump is an embarrassment who is unelectable, 24/7.

It is increasingly easy to convince others of this, given the totality of his odious character. He is a walking 30 second ad parody.

He’s like the boyfriend a bad girl dates and ignores the advice from her mother to not date. The girl does it to spite her folks, then realizes he really is a jerk. Ted is the guy you marry like Heidi Cruz did after she ditched that loser. Once the novelty wore off, she realized that her mom was right all along.

One comment online read: “Cruz 2016: all the advantages of Trump and more without the crazy!”

I concur.