Hillary's strategy for winning the election is quite simple if Trump wins and modified if not.


She is going claim the correct thing to do for America is to elect the first woman president.

Now that America proved it was not racist with Obama, twice, they need to prove it’s not sexist with her, at least once.

She gets to do that even more simply if Trump is the nominee, due to his easy demonize quote gaffes.

Guilt the electorate? Yup.

She, not Palin will be the first female nominee, just as 1984’s Ferraro was the first Veep, another “tolerant” Democrat.

She will suggest, and use outside PACS to do the dirty work, that not electing her is sexist itself.

And with Trump’s help, she has a shot in what should have been a challenging cycle for Democrats in the presidential race.

The press will ape their first ever identity politics slant as they did for Obama, substituting sex for race.

Elect me on my Lady Parts, or you will be siding with and endorsing the views of the anti-women Republicans and their Misogynist in chief, The Donald!

Her strategy is the same on any male candidate we field, but a lot harder to make stick except in the minds of the Kos Kids and other true believers.

We do not need to elect Fiorina to compete, but we cannot pretend it’s not a factor with LIVs.

She already has a video out there regarding the “problem” of too many boys elected using little girls to make her point shamelessly. The image I used above is from her site, no less…