Rubio miscalculated the optics here seriously...


In a cycle where proving you will stand up to the elite class is king, not showing up for a high profile vote on spending might be risky.

Seemingly suggesting at minimum that you would not and then not showing, may be downright dangerous for your electoral health.

Team Cruz shot back with links showing an earlier combative tone being belied by his decision to skip the process altogether.

“Republican presidential candidate Florida Senator

[mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ] (R-FL)  said of the omnibus bill “I know enough to say we’re going to oppose it, and I know enough to say that we should use every procedural aspect that we have to slow it down and perhaps force some changes” on Thursday’s “Happening Now” on the Fox News Channel.”

What this tells voters who are furious with the leadership, AKA the Establishment that you in the end will provide cover for them or at least not muck up the scenery.

What will happen when a president Rubio is told his initial or suggested by the base SCOTUS pick is “too extreme” to be confirmed? Will he resemble Bush 1 and his decision to trust Warren Rudman, leading to a Souter selection?

How much is Marco willing to buck Ryan and stand on principle over not just one issue, but an of a number of fights?


What would Cruz do comparatively?

Where was Rubio during the earlier shutdown fights of Lee and Cruz, who tried to brink the Dems on that and were eventually left twisting in the wind by the GOPe?

These are hypothetical scenarios, but the character and judgement of Rubio seems fair game at this point.

Rubio’s immigration stance past and present reiterated in the most recent debate leading to a loss of hard line conservatives not showing up to punish him could easily negate any general election friendliness gap he has over Cruz.

And once electability goes, what other reason exists to favor his candidacy?