The recent events in Scandinavia should give pause to us all.


In the very liberal, PC welfare states of places like Norway and Sweden, reality is fast setting in. The Sweden Democrats political party, often chided by many of their fellow citizens as being “racist”-are winning elections and popularity hand over foot in a culture that is ultra feminist, and it’s important to ask why. No, let’s ask EXACTLY WHY.

Not long ago the land of ABBA wanted to rename chocolate pastry balls for being racially insensitive, and hesitated to use non-“gender neutral” descriptions of male and female children, but now they are waking up tardily to the price of mindless political correctness.

Sweden had been welcoming lots of immigrants from questionable war torn areas, holding bullhorn rallies for them with the best of intentions. Those cautioning such intended humanitarianism were called out as being xenophobes. Sound familiar?

Denmark was more cautious from jump street, so a number of “refugees” focused on Sweden and to some extent Norway, hoping their chances were better further north to migrate successfully.

After the events of Paris, suddenly a lot more Swedes became suspicious and their own government, even, which had been insisting upon towing the PC line ignoring the concerns of their citizenry, started backtracking.

The bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden via Copenhagen is white hot with scrutiny, with calls for travel restrictions which just months ago would have been unthinkable. Some are even calling for a *total shutdown* of sorts of the bridge.

Suddenly Sweden claims they can only do so much to help the refugees and can only provide so many beds or acceptable shelter. Silly me, I thought they were selfless humanitarians way up north.

Are they racists?

Racism is practically illegal in that neck of the woods, so the answer is no.

The problem with accepting refugees is that they are very hard to ADEQUATELY screen for radicalization. ISIS and other militant Islam warmongers can easily blend in with actual war-torn nation victims to gain entry in a region for later use.

Legitimate Syrian refugees alongside deceptive plants may lack ID and records, which makes telling them apart very tricky.

The issue of vetting is either ignored by governments or is downplayed, whereupon it is claimed that doing so is not that hard. The fact is, anyone believing that trustingly no matter where they live is probably not being intelligent or rational.

Folks on the left WANT TO BELIEVE the script of PC, not the facts on the ground. It’s an all too familiar story by now.

Just recently, authorities in Norway have come across cell phones of migrants replete with lots of terrifying red flag material.

Incredibly, several are in such denial that they are excusing all of this as being “possibly innocent” cuz, yeah, lots of people have this stuff in their phones!

Speculation was that the poor good Islamist with an I-Phone needed it to be there in order to pass for a more radical type to escape their war-torn regions without getting beheaded themselves! After all, don’t ya know that many victims of ISIS are mainstream Islam followers that are trying to escape their extremism?

The left both here and in Europe consistently do handsprings to explain the obvious, which is that even though it may be true that one can choose to interpret the Quran peacefully, several see (or at least *think* they see) advocacy of violence in it and want sharia law and the whole nine yards while reading the same materials.

Every new piece of evidence by the left is dismissed in the usual way of calling the questioner bigoted to silence debate.

This web site is often cited by critics as indicative of the possibilities of violent interpretations by followers of Islam.

Defenders call the site biased, and point out how all those verses are not meant to taken literally or in fundamentalist/sinister manner, but fail to realize a number of radicals believe exactly that, and ISIS uses their take on some of these quotes to directly justify decapitations.

The left along with  PBS/NPR etc. want to remind us of how we must not leap to conclusions and be intolerant, read the whole verse!

Well, the problem is at least some of a determined minority of terrorists claiming to follow the exact same scripture do NOT agree with them, and several can look at those and other doctrines as being at minimum suggestive of justifying subjugation of non-believers. Just because a lot of Muslims in non-ISIS saturated areas are peaceful, does not mean Cat Stevens believes Morning Has Broken is all about peace and love:

The singer, himself part Swedish, converted years ago and went through this kerfuffle over ostensibly hurt religious feelings.

The latest news from IKEA land has it that simultaneous death threat demand notes are showing up in different cities across the country from Stockholm and beyond on the doorsteps of lifetime residents who perhaps hours earlier shouted down detractors of mass immigration. Seems the some of the desperate refugees are not too grateful after all:

The above link also reverences the events in Norway.

Tolerant left-wing feminist types up north are beginning to realize the folly of their possibly impulsive lunge to admit scores of hard to vet refugees in without any idea of how many radicalized elements were involved in the herd, and are now living to regret it.

The same fate awaits America if Obama and other PC infected progressives have their naive way.

To quote the article: “Any American who thinks this is not coming here, if not already here and waiting to strike, is living in a fantasy world.”

To be fair, as yet we do not *know* if these mass mail droppings are a hoax or were designed to stir up support for either the Sweden Democrats or to make people there panic and thus reject the concept of admitting Syrians, etc. but to ignore investigating seriously would be foolish.

It’s not an accident that people ordinarily predisposed via local cultural conditioning to be very accepting of immigrants under almost any circumstances are changing their minds in real time over their stances. These people are not conservatives. Many of them only weeks ago mocked Poland in mainland Europe and their demonstrations to deny immigration waves.

It’s fascinating to watch the gradual change in tone in articles from the http://www.thelocal.se/ as an American, even though many are still in denial (but not all) from the front page writers to actual site users.

I guess you can always become a “Dhimmi” in Stockholm if a job opening occurs?

The good folks at Wiki hasten to remind us that most modern Islamist’s reject such crazy fundamentalism, but a little more reading uncovers otherwise.

Interesting that the left wastes no time impugning all pro-lifers over the recent “Planned Parenthood” shooting, wanting to tie it to an entire religion as being proof of its extremism, while hastening to defend another one as being beyond reproach.

NPR even wants you to understand that the Bible is, if anything, even more violent than the religion of peace!

A lesson exists here for us in the USA  and if you still don’t know what that is you must be a clueless liberal.

Update: Apparently Danish people are racists, too.