A Jewish Perspective on Sarah Palin and "Blood Libel"

As a Jewish person with a fair degree of historical literacy about my faith, I am fully aware of the historical resonance of the term “blood libel”.

And I’m fully comfortable with Sarah Palin using it in this circumstance in which, like the Jews of the original blood libel, conservatives, Tea Party supporters, and Palin herself have been recklessly smeared by the liberal media and leftist politicians by being accused of having blood on their hands– a charge of which they are entirely innocent.  In fact, “blood libel” is a perfect metaphor for what is going on here.

Which brings me to a larger point about Sarah Palin–Generally speaking, I have always been a fan, even though we come from very different cultural and religious backgrounds.  I was delighted when McCain put her on the ticket. But as a Presidential candidate I’ve always had reservations about her– with her occasionally excessive “freelancing”  and because (as an academic) I would like to see her address policy in a more detailed and substantive way.

But watching the entirely predictable reaction to this episode, this Jew has had his own “Road to Damascus” moment.  And my realization is simply this:  No one on the right exposes the true insanity of the left better than Sarah Palin– No one else exposes them for the unhinged, unprincipled cowards that they are.  No one else is so unafraid to take them on whatever the consequences.

Sarah Palin is a fighter, and we desperately need fighters, if we are going to turn back the statist nightmare envisioned by our leftist overlords.  I might personally be more comfortable engaging in policy wonkery with a Mitch Daniels or Mitt Romney, but neither of those men have the power to expose our enemies and send them into paroxysms of blind rage like Palin does.

Palin is the one that they hate.  She is the one that they fear.  She is the one that they know can tear down their false idols.  She can lead conservatives as we attempt to cleanse the temple of American Constitutional governance and rededicate it to our founding principles.

And that’s why, as of right now, she not only has my support in this controversy, she has my vote for President.