Lisa Murkowski, Please Answer this Really Simple Question

Are you, or are you not, going to support the Republican nominee for the U.S.  Senate in Alaska?

We know that you are already calling on your buddies at the NRSC to help with the vote count.  The least we could expect at the end of that process is that you are going to honor the result.

You are saying now that it’s “too premature” to speculate on whether or not you would make an independent or third-party run if you lose the final count.

No it’s not to premature to speculate. Let me end that “speculation” for you right now.

You are a Republican officeholder from the state of Alaska. You and your father have been supported by the money and efforts of countless members of the Republican Party for decades. If, after all that, you cannot decide IMMEDIATELY and without weasel words whether or not you are going to respect the will of the Republican voters of Alaska, you are not fit to be supported by the Republican Party or hold office as a member of that party.

To be clear, if you make a declaration to respect the result and if you win the nomination, I will support your candidacy, despite the fact that I strongly supported Joe Miller in the primary.  But if you will not immediately make such a declaration, I call on the NRSC and the Republican Party to declare Joe Miller the presumed victor in the race and to dedicate their resources to bolster him immediately against the avalanche of Democratic Party attacks that are already beginning.   A close election and a possible recount unavoidably put our party in a difficult situation– the least we can expect when we come out of it is that the will of Alaska’s Republican voters is respected.

If you agree, call or email the NRSC (202-675-6000 or [email protected]) and let them know that it’s time for Lisa Murkowski to let us know in no uncertain terms where her loyalties lie. 

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