Hollywood Liberals' Jim Crow Problem

In an otherwise fairly irritating op-ed published in Yesterday’s NY Times,  the writer Ishmael Reed made a remarkable claim– That all 43 board members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (I.e. the organization that puts on the Academy Awards, and selects the award winners, among other activities) were white.

Now, as a resident of a fairly wealthy part of California, I am fully used to the hypocrisy of “limousine liberals” and “do as I say, not as I do” liberals, and Hollywood hypocrites, and basically, the entire panoply of liberal dysfunction that we have here in the Golden state.

But nonetheless, I thought, surely, the board of directors of one of Holywood’s most important organizations, an organization and industry headquarted in Los Angeles County (approximately 30% white Non-Hispanic) couldn’t possibly be so clueless, out of touch, and so hypocritical as to have a board-of-directors as white as the Mississippi Democratic Party circa 1950.

So I checked for myself, and it turns out that I’d overestimated liberals once again.

Amazingly, the Academy’s 43 member board, which represents an industry that never ceases to lecture benighted Americans on racism, imperialism, greed and a variety of other ills supposedly endemic in anyone who doesn’t support the policies of the far left of the Democratic party (Did any of you see Avatar?) couldn’t bother to let a single member of a minority group have any voice in its own affairs– But hey, they’re making progress– only 37 of 43 of the board members are men!

Now let me back up and be clear, I’m fully in favor of the rights of folks to associate with whomever they please. And I hate the racial/gender bean counting that is so in vogue with the left in this country. In my perfect world, organizations should be able to put whomever they want on their boards without worrying about whether it meets someone else’s diversity checklist.

But when the Board of Governors of one of the most politically correct left-wing institutions in America is as white as the political pundits as MSNBC , I think they need to be called out for their hypocrisy.