Bishops Offering Help With Senate Passage of Healthcare: Some Thoughts for Catholics

I never thought I’d be writing this, but it chops my hide and it needs to be done.

This post is generally addressed to Catholics and will offer guidance on how to oppose the Bishops and this guy Richard Doerflinger.

We know the Catholic Church has done a world of good. I haven’t the stats on how it’s helped with numerous organizations in the United States, but it’s a major player.

Now, according to Politico, they want to take it a step further and offer help with Senate passage of Healthcare.

This is how it works in the Catholic Church.

We’re supposed to be obedient — but in matters of Faith, not Legislation.

We’re supposed to “give unto Caesar,” but there is no law on healthcare yet, so all is fair game.

So, the objective is this: Oppose this move by the U.S Conference of Bishops, and oppose it hard.

Contact your priests, your bishops and nag like hell. Tell your friends.

Remind them:

  • Obama’s first move as President was to sign an Executive Order (it may have been a Memo) to reverse Bush’s block on funding to the UN Population Fund to provide world-wide abortions under the guise of “women’s healthcare.” There will probably be triggers in this legislation that will cover abortion in the future.
  • socialism is evil; and that this is a form of socialism brought about by the worst of socialists who mingles with avowed communists, radicals and the Godless. I’ve heard of no Catholic who trusts anyone who deals with the devil.
  • this legislation will hurt American families financially by draining their pockets. It will hurt them spiritually and will ultimately hurt the spiritual Church. The Church acknowledges that parents are children’s first teachers of the faith and their first providers. If there’s no money, families can’t provide for their own, and certainly can’t tithe the Church. Family poverty forced about by this socialized taxation will also force families to abort their own children or engage in some form of birth control — hello! Precepts against the Church!
  • that you know Richard Doerflinger is a paid Church lobbyist who’s main objective in helping with this legislation is to help keep Catholic hosptals running. Bargaining with the devil has no benefit, especially when you know his objective is to destroy families, destroy the Constitution and destroy America and American belief in God. Ask what Doerflinger did with his $600,000 winnings while you’re at it. If he really believes in healthcare, he should have donated it all to an indigent group of people (bless them).
  • that indigents have access to and are never, ever denied healthcare in America (says so in the ER) and that you would rather continue with a system where you’re taxed the ‘ole way than a dramatic overhaul that will deny healthcare in the future through rationed care and death panels.
  • of the separation of Church and State
  • [edit] lastly, that when conservative voters learn of this betrayal of the Bishops, they will will drive parishoners away. There will be a drop in the number of church attendance, and ultimately, new registrants in every parish, nationwide.


If all else fails, remind everyone who will listen of Catholic involvemenet in legislation.

Hopefully, this will get the progressives, leftists, radicals, darwinists, global climate freaks and everyone else under the sun outraged enough to grind this thing to a halt.

This is wrong.

Ultimately, these bishops can’t speak as a group and usurp the Pope and speak Ex Cathedra (from the Chair on Church Dogma). Catholics can label this as wrong.

And what matters at this point is how loud you’re willing to speak.