Breitbart's Ghost

Nothing scares Liberals more than exposure of their true motives. Socialism’s slow, stealthy march through the judiciary and educational institutions can only continue if Americans are not paying attention.  Media today largely orchestrate distractions here while politicos can steal liberties there.  Journalism had been replaced with propaganda.

And then Breitbart came along.  In a life cut short, this one man counted more coup vs. Liberals  than the entire mainstream media.

Andrew recognized that you cannot confront this kind of foe playing by a different set of rules than your nemesis.  He was as bold as they.  He was savvy.  He was right.  And he did not apologize for being right.  The precious, modern day, conservative virtue of unctuousness toward every imagined offense was delightfully missing in Andrew.  “I’m right and you are lying. I don’t care if truth offends you.”

Mainstream media failed to appreciate that even as their vaunted icons withered in the light Andrew shown, they studiously ignored – no, vehemently denied, the common thread running through all his successes: these vile entities were all zealous supporters of the Democrat President and his ideal.

He will be missed. We need many more like him. But Breitbart has a restless soul. His ghost has a large task. It will be haunting Liberals’ nightmares as not only the frightening voice of truth but as an example of what journalism once was and how it could be again.  He will also imbue a new breed of investigative journalists who hold allegiance to no party but to Truth, Liberty, the American People and the US Constitution.

Liberals now have a very real fear when they go to sleep at night.