Steve Jobs Reality Check

A perspective on Jobs’ death from beyond the cult.

To most of the non-Apple public, Jobs seemed aloof and strange – a shadowy idea tycoon who tacitly loathed the system he so richly profited from.  As a non-Apple person, I look upon his lauding with a bit of disappointment.   It is similar to the frenzy of praise that accompanied Michael Jackson.  Most of America barely shed a tear at the passing of a very, very strange man.  But his cult following was in deep mourning.  It is seems similar with Steve Jobs.

Let’s put things in perspective.  Computers had been invented.  Al Gore invented the internet.  Music players were around.  Apples remain but a niche market.  Nobody knows what a ipad is for.   He didn’t solve a great problem.   What did he really accomplish?  Product Design?  Isn’t he really the Ray Kroc of electronics?

Many folks do not own, nor will ever buy an Apple product.  If Steve Jobs had never been, what would the world look like?  Fewer rounded edges?  More  menus?  Hard to say, but I doubt his innovations would have gone undiscovered.  For most, Apple products are over-priced baubles enjoyed by the self-indulgent.   Why pay twice the price for a product half as good?  It only makes sense to the rich and/or Apple cult.

While most Apple people are profound liberals – smarmy, off-putting and creepy, Jobs managed to snare some prominent conservatives.  Limbaugh is most notable among them.  Even Rush elevates this product designer to Edison status.   Really?  Your 0.2% is showing.  I almost weep when I hear Rush yammer on like just another maudlin, Apple acolyte at what a great man Jobs was.

Steve Jobs was a great innovator but we non-cult members found him annoying.  He was another smug Liberal who eschewed Capitalism and Commercialization publically while personally profiting handsomely.  His progressive followers ranted against the profits of Big Oil while Steve’s own company was quietly enjoying profit margins that Exxon dare not dream.

I am sad of Jobs’ passing.  He was a creative guy and an asset to this country.  But I darkly wish he had lived a good long life to become another self-loathing, ultra-rich lefty just so I do not have to listen to all the speculation about possible sainthood.

Rest in peace, Steve.