President "Gutsy"


Is there any reasonable person alive who would not have made the same “gutsy” call?

I would have taken him out in the middle of Red Square at noon on a workday if I had a positive ID. Further, it would be logical for a president to have standing orders to kill or capture OBL if there was an opportunity. No need for “agonizing.” All the agonizing would have been done in advance so that if a chance to get Bin Laden presented itself you could act quickly.

Instead we learn that Obama had months to decide. Months! Then when the team was ready, our ditherer-in-chief took another 16 hrs (others say even longer) to finally make the obvious decision. Imagine if he passed on the chance entirely or if he tried going through diplomatic channels with Pakistan, or worse, the UN. This was as close to a no-brainer as a decision gets.

The only thing “gutsy” was that it went against all his tightly held Liberal principles. Bush was proven correct. Waterboarding was vindicated. The CIA and humint had proven invaluable. The Military looked good. Americans would be happy. All of which were antithetical to a good friend of Bill Ayers and a 20 yr. parishioner of Rev. Wright. Not to worry, Obama got his: “no pictures for you”, mysterious religious burial at sea and multiple “spontaneous” media events at Ground Zero to spike the football.

Our “gutsy” president is anything but.

Elections matter.