Non-Battle Fatigue

GOP “Victory” Cartoon

Non-Battle Fatigue … of the Conservative base.

I feel like Lincoln must have felt at the beginning of the Civil War when he could not find generals who would fight.

It is frustrating and exhausting being keyed up to battle liberalism and then being told time and time again: “this is not the fight,” “next one,” “let’s keep our powder dry,” “This is not the hill to die on.” Where is our Grant? Meanwhile Liberals went to the wall defending abortion funding. Abortion funding! They enter a fight intending to win. Republicans enter a fight hoping to reach across the aisle.

Republican leadership call their base uninformed, misguided, impatient – to list the nicer comments. We were informed, guided and patient enough to elect them to office, but now we just don’t understand the process. They know what they are doing.  Well, clearly not. We are still funding Abortions. We are still funding NPR. And after pledging to cut $100B then claiming that it is $61B pro-rated, agreeing to $38B and netting less than $1B – I’m not sure which direction they are taking us. If GOP leadership spent as much time fighting as they did painting lipstick on the pig of defeat this country would have a chance of moving forward. Don’t tell me that reneging on a pledge and delivering one half of one percent is a victory.  Liberals do that. Obama does that.

What we do understand is that liberals have won almost every battle in the war lately. Conservative victories have been ignored by both sides. Republican leaders sit on their mountain of dry powder watching Liberal armies take the land all around. Dry powder is of little value if you are afraid to ever use it.

Spent powder and action is what it called for.

What has the Old Guard Republican leadership netted us? Weren’t they the very same sages who assured us that best candidate in 2008 was an abrasive “maverick” known to be more liberal than George Bush?

These Republicans cower behind their polling data fearful of offending highly esteemed Independents. When did the definition of leadership evolve to be someone who best follows polls? What happened to standing up for principles? Leaders should help drive the polls and not forever let polls drive them. A leader has a vision, takes a stand or moves forward and gets others to follow. He does not stick his finger in the wind and then react to skewed data. Liberals do that. Obama does that.

The Republican Party is losing me. I am sick and tired of not taking a stand. I am sick and tired of always waiting for the next battle.  Time and money are running out fast.  If not now, when? If not us, who?