If We Are to Automatically Believe Rape Accusations...

…then I take it that the Washington Post now accepts Juanita Broadrick’s allegation that she was raped by one William Jefferson Clinton?

And do they also accept the allegation that Al Gore attempted to rape a masseuse in Portland, OR? It is true that the allegation first came up in the National Enquirer, but Zerlina Maxwell didn’t say anything about the credibility of the source mattering.

And then there’s the Kennedy compound rape story… I guess the now deceased Ted Kennedy and current Representative (and son of Ted) Patrick Kennedy are now considered rapists by Maxwell and her ilk.

There are lots more stories of Democrats being accused of rape, including here, and here, and here. So, if we accept the Maxwell Standard of automatically believing all rape accusations, we’re left with a picture of a Democratic Party that should be described as “the home of rapists.”

Unless, of course, Zerlina only meant that we should automatically believe rape accusations leveled at non-Democrats. But if she meant that, she should have said that. She didn’t, so I’m just taking her at her word.

So, if every accusation of rape is to be believed, I guess the WaPo will now print denunciations of all these Democrats, right?

I’m not holding my breath.