Don't Cop Lives Matter Too?

In the aftermath of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision not to charge Officer Darren Wilson, a new meme has emerged: “Black Lives Matter.” And, of course, they’re right, every life is a gift from our Heavenly Father, and thus matters.

However, if one looks at the established facts of the incident in question, it appears to this observer that Wilson’s life was also in danger.

Even CNN agrees that police dispatch had put out a description of an alleged strong-arm robbery suspect shortly before Wilson found Michael Brown. Thus, Wilson was already in a heightened state of awareness that the suspect he was looking for may be violent. Photographic evidence shows that Wilson was assaulted, likely by Brown, which definitely would have told Wilson that Brown was a violent person, not the “gentle giant” of the Media Narrative, at least at that point in time.

There is also photographic and ballistic evidence that Brown probably tried to grab Officer Wilson’s gun. Wilson, of course, tried and succeeded in retaining possession of his gun, and during the struggle for it, one shot went through the door of Wilson’s police car. It is hard to imagine a plausible scenario where that happens if Brown hadn’t tried to take Wilson’s gun away from him.

Now, put yourself in Wilson’s shoes. You’ve been assaulted by this suspect, and he’s tried to take your gun from you. What do you think Brown would have done with that gun if he’d succeeded in taking it from Wilson? I think it’s perfectly reasonable for Wilson to have assumed that Brown was going to shoot him, and quite possibly kill him. It doesn’t take much searching to find multiple stories about cops all over America who are killed with their own weapons.

And thus we come to the point I’m getting to (apologies for the long preamble, and also apologies for leaving out parts of the Ferguson incident — I didn’t want to make the preamble longer than it already is). There are people protesting around the country about Michael Brown’s death. However, if it had turned out the other way, would we see nationwide protests about Officer Darren Wilson’s death? Would #CopLivesMatter be trending on Twitter? Somehow, I doubt it. In fact, look at any of the incidents where cops were killed by suspects with the cop’s own gun, and see if you can find any nationwide protest proclaiming “Cop Lives Matter.”

Look, I know no one likes getting stopped by the cops. It’s simply not one of life’s enjoyable experiences. But cops are people too. I happen to know cops, and underneath the uniform they’re regular people. You probably wouldn’t know they’re cops if you saw them in the grocery store out of uniform. They have people who love them and who pray for their safety on the job. They have hobbies and things they enjoy doing when they’re not working. I’d be willing to bet they enjoy a good steak as much as the next person, unless the next person is a vegan. They also do a hard and stressful job; let’s be honest, no one calls the cops to say, “Hey, I had a great day today, and now I’m celebrating with a barbecue! Send all your officers over to pick up a free burger, please!” No, cops not only see difficult situations pretty much every day on the job, it’s part of their job to wade right into the middle of those situations and try to find some way to calm them down. Where most people would walk on by or walk the other way, the cop steps into it. And, yes, every time they pin on their badge there’s a chance that a paramedic, doctor, or coroner will be the one to unpin it from their uniform.

So why no protests over dead cops? If you want to inject race into it (and I’ve been deliberately avoiding the race angle up to this point), if a black cop is killed by a white suspect, does that rise to the level of a #CopLivesMatter protest or not? Apparently not, since I haven’t seen any.

George Orwell, who must have been some sort of modern day prophet, explained this phenomenon in Animal Farm (bold and caps in original):



Michael Brown seems to be “more equal” than Darren Wilson, at least in the eyes of the protesters. The strong-arm robber is “more equal” than the man who stood up to protect the innocent civilians of Ferguson according to these people.

So, I ask all the #BlackLivesMatter people, don’t cop lives matter too?