BREAKING: No Indictment in Ferguson

This just in to the CW News Desk (yes, I’m being a little silly, but this news is completely serious).

Officer Darren Wilson will not face indictment in the death of Michael Brown.

Police Officer Darren Wilson — the suburban St. Louis patrolman who killed unarmed teenager Michael Brown in early August – will not face criminal charges in the controversial shooting death, a grand jury has decided.

Wilson, who is white, became a national figure after he shot the black 18-year-old multiple times in broad daylight on a residential street. The grand jury deliberated for months and Ferguson was rocked by violent protests in the immediate aftermath of the shooting.

The decision was announced by prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch, who discussed the lengthy deliberation period of the grand jury citing consideration of differing witness reports as a one reason for the unusually long session.

However, a federal investigation is still ongoing and the family could, if they wished, file civil charges.

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