To be or not to be the truth, biden to drop out and what if???

As fox news reported:It’s almost certainly just a case of the telephone game gone high-tech, but there’s an Internet rumor surging through inboxes and discussion boards that Joe Biden will drop out as Barack Obama’s running mate after his Oct. 2 debate with Sarah Palin — and that he’ll be replaced by Hillary Clinton on the Democratic presidential ticket.

The story line goes as follows: John McCain’s selection of Palin has generated so much interest in the Republican ticket that Obama needs to make a radical move to regain momentum. So in the days after the vice presidential candidates debate in Missouri, Biden will bow out, citing “health problems” (Biden underwent surgery in 1988 to repair two brain aneurysms). Enter Clinton.

Furthermore, the story goes, any damage the gaffe-prone Biden does during the debate will be erased by his abrupt exit.

Now.. i don’t believe this will happen, but IF it did what do you think would happen..?? would it be a smart move by obama?? would it be to late?? or would it steal the election from McCain in a landslide win for the marxist left… i mean the democratic party..

I pray that day never comes. ( President Obama )