GOA: Texas Sends Two Pro-gun Constitutionalists into July 31 Runoffs

Gun Owners of America sent out a much needed email, giving the details of the two most important runoff races in Texas. Here is the text:


Don’t mess with Texas!

The Lone Star State is on the verge of electing a U.S. senator who may be as bright, conservative, and effective as any senator in memory.

And, were this not enough, Texas may be about to elect a House member who will send House do-nothings scurrying for the exits.

The ground-breaking Senate candidate is Ted Cruz, who, last night, forced Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst into a runoff. Dewhurst fell a few percent short of the votes needed to avoid the runoff.

The Cruz-Dewhurst mid-summer runoff election on July 31 — coming at a time when RINO Republicans won’t bother going to the polls — has been described by the mainstream press as Dewhurst’s “worst nightmare.”

Fighting to fill the seat vacated by Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, Cruz was endorsed by Sarah Palin, Rick Santorum and the Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund.

While Dewhurst concentrated on buying the election with $13 million from his immense fortune, Cruz appealed to voters by standing up for the Second Amendment and a range of constitutional rights.

Cruz has also been an outspoken critic of Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious program.

And, just as important, Cruz has the momentum — almost overtaking Dewhurst in votes actually cast on Election Day, notwithstanding a heavily divided conservative field.

But that’s not all.

Former Congressman Steve Stockman — who was the preeminent proponent of Second Amendment rights during his tenure in the House in the 1990’s — is apparently headed for a July 31 runoff with a political novice to represent Texas CD-36 in a heavily Republican district.

Stockman’s opponent in this runoff has consistently refused to turn in his GOA survey, and this is usually an indication that the candidate is hiding anti-gun views.

As a Congressman in the mid-1990s, Stockman took the lead in the House in calling for the repeal of the Brady Law, the semi-automatic ban, and other anti-gun laws. He would often confound even conservative colleagues by using GOA-arguments in closed-door meetings on Capitol Hill.

There is no one — no one — on the political horizon that will be the pro-gun fire-breather that Stockman will be.

And there is no one who will stand up to the compromising leadership in the House — to oppose the sell-outs and “grand bargains” which will inevitably come, no matter who is elected president.

But here’s the bottom line: Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman need your help. Both of these races are very “doable.” It is a fact that the second place finisher often wins during a runoff election.

So please go to http://www.tedcruz.org to make a contribution to Ted Cruz.

And please visit http://congressmanstevestockman.com to make a contribution to his campaign.

One more word: Texas is a heavily Republican state, as is the 36th CD. Whoever wins these two July 31 runoffs will be well on his way to representing you and the Second Amendment in Washington. So please act now.


I couldn’t agree more. Ted Cruz has a proven record as Solicitor General of Texas from 2003-2008. Steve Stockman has a proven record as a Congressman from 1995-1997. Many talk the talk, but few walk the walk like these two. In addition to their 2nd amendment bona fides mentioned in the article, both are also strong proponents of Constitutional government, less taxation, less intervention and regulation, and less spending. Most importantly, both are strong believers that we must end the genocide of unborn babies that has been going on for decades.

From Ted Cruz’s website:

  • Authored an amicus brief for 13 states, successfully defending the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act. The ban was upheld 5-4 before the U.S. Supreme Court;
  • Authored an amicus brief for 18 states, successfully defending the New Hampshire parental notification law. The law was upheld 9-0 before the U.S. Supreme Court [note: this brief was awarded the Best Brief Award from the National Association of Attorneys General for U.S. Supreme Court briefs written in 2005-06];
  • Successfully defended Texas’s Rider 8, which prohibits state funds for groups that provide abortions, winning unanimously before the Fifth Circuit court of appeals.

In Congress, Steve Stockman co-sponsored the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995. He also introduced the Sanctity of Life Act of 1995, which would have defined life at conception and effectively overturned Roe V. Wade, allowing the states to create anti-abortion laws immediately. The bill has since been introduced by Ron Paul several times, and as a side note I would ask everyone to contact their GOP representatives co- sponsor and vote for it while we still have a House majority.

On the important issues that count, Ted Cruz and Steve Stockman take principled stands. Please visit their websites and make a donation. If you live in Texas, vote Cruz for Senate. If you live in the 36th District, vote Stockman for House.