Candidates to Support in Texas

The Texas Republican primaries are going to be held on May 29th, just a few days from now. I am going to endorse 3 candidates, because I believe they are true, strict defenders of the Constitution.

The first is the candidate for Senate, former Solicitor General Ted Cruz. Cruz is trying to force a runoff against the frontrunner, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst. Dewhurst is no conservative, he is a big government Republican in the mold of Charlie Crist, Richard Lugar, and George W. Bush. As Texas is a heavily red state, it can afford to elect a hard line conservative like Ted Cruz. And because the state is red, the person who gets elected in the Senate will likely be there as long as they choose, so Texas must choose wisely. Ted Cruz has a record of upholding the Constitution, defending gun rights ans state sovereignty. He understands issues that most beltway Republicans ignore, like the TSA, Agenda 21, NDAA, and SOPA. This lets me know that he is the real deal, and he is worth supporting. Cruz has been endorsed by Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Tom Coburn, Pat Toomey, Ron Paul, David Barton, Sean Hannity, Justin Amash, Mark Levin….the list goes on and on. Ted Cruz can force a runoff, and he can win.

The second candidate is Steve Stockman, a former congressman who is trying to get elected again. He served briefly from 1995-1997, and worked with Newt Gingrich and Dick Armey to shrink government. Steve is an ardent defender of gun rights, the rights of the unborn, lower taxes  and a controlled border. Most importantly, he makes the Constitution his number #1 priority, rather than special interests. Steve knows how to get things done and would immediately provide an impact in Washington. Stockman has been endorsed by Tom Tancredo, Gun Owners of America, the National Association for Gun Rights, National Right to Life, and Ted Nugent.

The third candidate is Richard Mack, a former sheriff from Arizona who is challenging the RINO Republican Lamar Smith. Some may remember him from the horrendous SOPA and America Invents legislation he introduced in 2011. Smith does not care about the Constitution, but Mack has spent his life fighting for it. Back in 1997, Mack and Jay Printz challenged the Brady Handgun bill’s constitutionality. In a landmark case, many of the provisions were struck down. Mack has founded the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, in order to hold officers of the law to their oath’s of office and encourage them to reject federal tyranny that may be taking place in their county. We need more lawmen for the Constitution in Washington D.C., and Mack should be one of the them.