Here’s a brand new way at looking at an unintended consequence of Obamacare…
For 40 years, those who are “pro-choice” have argued that the government Should Not stand between a woman and her doctor concerning abortion. But if the ACA is fully implemented, the government will stand between ALL doctors and ALL patients on Every health issue – Including abortion! Meaning a future Pro-Life president may use that same law to administratively eliminate abortions, or put so many restrictions on it that is becomes almost impossible to get one. No congressional action needed by the way, as Obama is establishing that precedent right now. So, let every “pro-choice” individual know that the ACA means the eventual elimination of “choice” for women. It’s either Obamacare or abortion “rights”. It’s just that simple. They made their own bed. Now let’s see how well they sleep, with that prospect on their minds.