FOXNEWS' Neil Cavuto suggests on show Obama's "coal comments" could cost him OH, and PA

Today on FOXNEWS’ “Your World with Neil Cavuto” he suggested that Obama’s recent coal comment regarding the possible bankrupting of the industry along with other electric companies.

He chose to single out Ohio and Pennsylvania as potential loses because of these comments and the heavily impact the industry has there.

Then he put up a screen showing that voters in Indiana, Virginia, and possibily West Virginia could be affected. I must say, I hope so, and I am for anything that gets the residents here to switch their votes for McCain.

*One has to wonder if this will do any good having the news break like this at the eleventh hour. *

There are 4 reasons I think places like PA and OH could go to McCain despite what any poll says:

  1. voters in PA-the potential loss of guns should Obama win. Murtha was right in this regard: PA has some huge rural spots and Democrats and Republicans have to be concerned with the potential loss of, or almost certain restriction of guns in the future under an Obama Administration.

  2. PA-Obama’s “voters cling to their religion and guns” comment in San Francisco

  3. RAIN tomorrow-its a known fact that Democrats stay home when it rains. Hopegulluy the youth do too since they are expected to vote for their messiah in record numbers

  4. this coal issue

You can see the video of Obama’s coal comments here as well as read exactly what all the fuss is about.


*YOU DECIDE: Will Obama Bankrupt the Coal Industry?*http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/11/02/palin-goes-after-obama-on-coal-comments/