Where was the Christian Right this election cycle?

Of the three states voting on state amendments to their constitution outlining marriage between one man and one woman, one is expected to pass, one is a toss up, and one is expected to fail.

Can you guess which ones?

CA-fail. Despite each side having spent litearlly tens of thousands of dollars fighting for their cause, the American Family Association came in 1st at $550,000, Focus on the Family 2nd @ $450,000 and another group 3rd @ $300,000 according to a FOXNEWS report I remember a few weeks ago, it got me thinking. Where was the Christian Right, when we needed them this election cycle?

Read about the latest on CA here. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/2ee4da16-a9e6-11dd-958b-000077b07658.html


Remember 2004, when 11 states passed state marriage amendments? Remember when it looked like this was the best chance we’d ever get to getting a Federal Marrage Amendment? (yesterday’s news as far as I’m concerned-that ship has sailed)

I wrote to Dr. James Dobson from Focus on the Family a month ago pleading for him to make public appearances on behalf of Republicans and against Obama yet they did nothing. I criticized them for seemily only caring about issues concerning to them namely abortion and gay marriage.

The only good thing I read about them doing was the the donating of the money for the CA case, but then again, should we be that surprised since the issue is gay marriage which they are so obsessed about?

*Don’t get me wrong, I am a member of the Christian Right, and I respect these ogranizations, I am just confused over their lack of a public influence espcially after doing so well in 2004. *

This is one of a few stories I have found concerning any activity on the Christian Right in 2008.

Conservative university could swing Virginia

Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Jr. kicked off the voter drive by urging students to register locally.

) The commonwealth of Virginia has traditionally been a Republican stronghold — the last time a Democratic presidential candidate won the state was in 1964. ) ) But with recent polls showing Sen. John McCain only slightly ahead of Sen. Barack Obama, Virginia remains up for grabs. And the last two statewide offices — for governor and U.S. senator — have been won by Democrats. ) ) Given the close nature of the presidential race, Jerry Falwell, Jr., chancellor of Liberty University, recently launched an ambitious effort to register all 10,500 eligible student voters at the fundamental Baptist institution in Lynchburg, Virginia. ) ) Falwell kicked off the voter registration drive September 22, urging students — including those from out-of-state — to register locally. ) ) “Liberty students have never been permitted to register locally in the past. The recent change in election law is giving Liberty University the chance to make history,” Falwell stated in an e-mail addressed to faculty and staff. “Liberty University’s 11,000 students and 4,000 faculty and staff could cause Liberty to become known as the university that elected a president!”

Read more:http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/09/30/conservative.liberty.university/

Why hasn’t anyone stepped up since the loss of Jerry Falwell SR? If anyone has stepped up and I am unware, I’d like to know who these new leaders are.

*Florida-is a toss up. *

Arizona-the measure is expected to pass (it failed in 2006, becoming the first state to do so)