The secession that has already happened

In light of the way things are going in these United States and considering the comments of Gov. Perry of Texas as well as others about secession, I think we can safely say that there are those amongst that it would be ok with them if it happened.

I saw it commented on another site, that if the left would want to secede, those on the right would be fine with it. More power to them. However, if someone on the right even mentions it, it is like the sky is falling and that we are being unamerican if we even think these ideas.

Personally, I am generally not in favor of secession, but it does come to a point and you must say, enough is enough! That is not to say that that we are at that point now, but the direction this community organizer from the southside of Chicago is leading this country of ours, we may have no country, no Bill of Rights, and no Constitution if we as a people allow this to continue.

And it would serve us right if we allowed this to happen to us. Hopefully, it will not. I still believe in the red, white, blue. I still believe that these colors do not run. I still believe in our freedoms that our forefathers fought, bled and died for. But there are some that have already started seceding from the union.

When people feel that only certain laws that they need to follow, they have already seceded. Prime example is gay marriage. Some states have decided (primarily through lawsuits in their court systems) to allow this. New Hampshire did legislate it recently through their laws. However, all this is in direct violation and contradiction of the Defense of Marriage Act, that states that marriage in the United Stated will consist of one man and one woman, and that is the law of this land.

But some states have gone and said they don’t like that law, and they are simply going to ignore it, and come up with their own laws. I am a strong advocate of states rights and that is fine with me. Just don’t force me to agree with it.

However, if you had a major energy producing state like Texas, or Alaska (where I hail from) decide we don’t want to pay taxes anymore, then why could we not do it. We would lose out on federal highway funds, but other things could make up for it and we could produce energy anyway, anywhere that we wanted and no one in DC could tell us what to do.

Being part of a unoin does have drawbacks, but there are also great benefits. But, in some hearts and minds in our land, they have already seceded.