Another Repurcushion of the Fairness Doctrine

I was listening to the radio on the way into work this morning and something hit me like a ton a bricks.

And I must preface my following remarks by saying that I am an unashamed Christian. And if you are not, please don’t be offended, but understand the brevity of it all.

I was listening to the local Christian as it was celebrating it s 25th year of existence and I was thinking that if, God Forbid, Obama becomes president, and with the Dems in control of congress, that Christian radio could go away, just as the doors are being opened to it in other parts of the world.

The fairness doctrine will be one of the first things on their plate. And they will not being going after just the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and the rest, but they will also being going after James Dobson, Tony Evans, TD Jakes, and all the rest of Christian broadcasters.

Why and how would they do this, you ask. Well, if they want to have an equal to Rush on the radio, they will get someone that disagrees with him. And in the same respect, if you have Dobson on your station, they will want someone who is not a Christian on the same station as well.

The Dems will say that you need an equal vioce on the same station to what is being broadcast, and say, well, you need more than one opposing view. Eventually, they will say that you do not need Christian radio because it divides so many people, and we all want to be citizen’s of the world, so we must hold hold hands and just relax.

America, we need to wake up and realize that if they are all in power, the lifestyle and radio stations that we consider common place today, will be gone tomorrow.