One hundred years from now, history books may proclaim that the year 2012 is the year when Americans rose up to defeat the creeping liberalism of many decades to restore the vision of the Founding Fathers, to become the second “Greatest Generation”; the year that the Silent Majority finally got involved after seeing their beloved America destroyed by Progressive policies; by ousting leftist radicals of the 60’s who are now leading our nation in the office of the President and in his radical appointees.

 We all know that the generation of Americans which came together to endure the Great Depression and then went on to defeat the worldwide takeover of Nazism and Adolph Hitler has been rightfully dubbed by Tom Brokaw as the Greatest Generation.  This apparently didn’t make Michelle Obama proud. America lost the many lives of those in uniform to gain the world’s freedom, and Americans at home came together to support the war effort. They saved the world.

The election of 2008 gave us a stark choice between a new, hopeful, soaring candidate whom no one really knew and upon whom we could all project our hopes for change, versus a Viet Nam prisoner of war, scarred both by that battle and many battles during his years in the Senate.  There were many citizens who chose to just stay in the comfort of their homes on Election Day because they didn’t really like either choice.

 We have witnessed this President’s silence when hateful, untrue, divisive and inciting descriptions of Republicans and the Tea Party are spoken.  This is not surprising since this President is the leader of efforts to pit one American against another, one group against others.  In fact he once declared that Democrats and Hispanics must “punish their enemies and reward their friends”,  speaking not of the world stage but of those in America who don’t agree with his agenda. This week he declared that a vote for him is a great revenge against Romney.

 Now we Americans have the opportunity to end the ongoing efforts to rewrite not only duly passed laws, but the planned rewriting of our very Constitution.  We have the opportunity to turn back the heavy hand of government, the favoritism shown by this Administration to his donors and to unions, and Democrats’ plans to punish further the successes of those who create businesses and provide jobs. 

 I shall be voting for Mitt Romney because among other things he holds beliefs, principles and values consistent with what has made this country the light of the world.  He has proven experience in both the private sector and government and has spoken of his belief in the goodness and greatness of America, the real challenges which we face, and his deep love of our country and way of life.  Mitt Romney is not attempting to further “redistribute income just to make it fair” as does Obama (even after being told it would decrease government revenues), for he knows that beyond a certain point high taxation changes the actions of those who are having their money confiscated, resulting in less revenue to the government.  While conferring high value on those who do build a business, he seeks to raise the poor into the middle class and to raise the middle class into greater success, as has been the long tradition of America. It would appear that the current President is aiming to put as many Americans on government dependence as he possibly can, just as in 1997 he declared those “folks” to be the perfect  majority base for getting a progressive agenda passed and Democrats elected.  Mitt Romney seeks to bring Americans together instead of driving them apart in envy and hatred.

 So I thank President Obama for clarifying for us just what needs to be done.   Become active for these last few days, spread the truth, do some phone banking, and encourage others to vote!  To all of those who stayed home in 2008 because you could not vote for John McCain – get out of your chairs and be part of history!  Don’t miss the chance to say, “I helped do that!”  Vote for Mitt Romney!   Become part of the Second Greatest Generation!