King Obama rules

King Obama’s edict

“It’s not time for questions – not while I’m speaking!”

“And the next time I prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question.This is the right thing to do for the American people,” the President said. “I didn’t ask for an argument, I’m answering your question.”  Thus sayeth King Obama upon his declaration that the laws passed by Congress on immigration shall not be followed by his Department of Homeland Security.

Obama went on to say that when he decided not to uphold the law that he pledged during his Inauguration to uphold, he would allow young folks who had been brought here illegally by still illegal parents not to be deported if they finish a high school education here (using legal Americans’ taxpayer dollars) or if they serve in our military.

Some time ago, while speaking to a Hispanic group, Obama famously lamented that he is not a King, that he cannot do the bidding of his Hispanic illegal supporters unilaterally.  He now must think he IS our King, for he stated that this is his edict, and would only be a temporary, stop gap measure, because it is the right thing to do.  (Well, at least until his reelection bid is over). I suggest that perhaps the right thing would have been to uphold the law and to actually meet with members of Congress as other Presidents have done in order to diplomatically persuade them to find a compromise.  For instance, there is probably a fair amount of support for those who serve in our military to be put on a path to citizenship.  However, the Democrats put far more than that in their bill, causing the bill to be too radical for passage.

The unintended consequences include the fact that Congress, who has seen more than 85 edicts, Executive Orders, and Regulations enacted without the support of Congress, or sometimes in direct conflict with the laws passed by Congress, is on a monthly basis allowing a dictatorial President to take from them their power of actually being one of the three branches of our government.

In addition, the jobless rate of young people in America now stands at up to 25%.  With  work permits to be given to as many as 800,000 illegal young people, they will be competing for the same jobs as those who were either born in America or who have become citizens in a legal fashion.  Since enforcement and proof of residence will be monumental, most will not be questioned – not without yet another government jobs program of employees to do the checking work.  Unanswered here is what will happen to their happy, but illegal parents.

I am sure that those in Mexico, Central America, and other countries far and near are more eager than ever to now break our laws, stay in hiding for the five years required, and then they, too, can get their work permits.

I am aware that Presidents for decades have used Executive Orders.  However, in the past they mostly pertained to smaller issues upon which Congress has not ruled.  Here we have a bold, dictatorial President who will rule as he sees fit, for he knows what is good for us much more than we do.

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