The American Community Survey - be prepared!

This federal government is now sending out to hundreds of thousands of citizens each year an “American Community Survey”, an enhanced Census, which is described as being a legal obligation for us to fill out and return.  They cite Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141 and 193)  Title 13, as changed by Title 18, imposes a penalty for not responding.  They may combine your answers with info that we gave to other agencies to enhance the statistical uses of the data.  Based on the info provided, we may be asked to participate in other Census Bureau surveys that are voluntary.

So – We have gone from being asked in 2009 who all lives in our home, their dates of birth, sex and race and whether we own or rent to this survey which asks very intrusive and personal questions.  How intrusive and personal?  It asks  such questions as: how big is your house and when was it built; upon how many acres does the home sit; the amount of sales of all agricultural products produced there in the last year; how many cars are owned; the amount of your real estate taxes and your mortgage payment; your utility bills; your home’s current market value; insurance premiums; 2nd mortgage payments;how many times you’ve been married; what time you leave home and return from your job, and many more intrusive questions. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how all this information can be used by the wrong people.  If it is just about statistics, then why will my name and address be on the Survey?

Can you really think that this survey’s answers are the business of our government?  Are you willing to share this much information with any government, especially this heavy-handed one?  The disrespect for and the intimidation of Americans continues.  Having received by now two surveys and two phone calls, I have discussed the Survey with both my state and federal Representatives, neither of them knowing of it before.  I understand from researching the problem that this tactic may stop the harassment.  Michigan State Representative Greg MacMaster suggested I just tell the agent who will probably show up at my door that if the feds want all that information about me, they can get it at the Secretary of State, the county building offices, etc.  I will not comply, and will fight any penalty imposed by their laws.